June 16, 2008

Father's Day

My husband celebrated his first Father's Day yesterday without much fanfare (other than a lovely breakfast and dinner cooked by his baby's mama). Soren and I didn't get him a present, I'm sorry to say, but we just had a $300+ fridge repair bill to deal with (and our LG fridge is only 18 months old....grrrrr) so huz was happier that I didn't spend any more money.

We spent some time at PopPop's and Grandma's, having the necessary cook-out, which we were happy about since we don't have a grill. Because we are mainly vegetarian, grilling isn't as much a part of our summer lives....grilled veggie burgers are great, but there is something about the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs that is more appealing. And I haven't had one of those in almost 15 years. Chicken is another story....

So here is a photo of dad and son. Don't they look thrilled? SoSo's got his shirt that PopPop and Grandma bought for him when they were in Disney world last month. Maybe that's why he's so glum looking...either he is anti-Disney like his papa or he wishes he had gotten to go.

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