July 15, 2008

Countdown to Sand and Sun

In between baby naps, I am here trying to pack and get everything together for our vacation on Friday. Why is it that men can just grab a duffel bag, stuff some boxers and t-shirts in it, and leave. Oh, I know! It's because their wives pack everything else that they need.

Actually, I don't mind, as I am excited to be going to the beach. It's the unpacking I hate. I am cleaning the house really well before I go because at least coming home to a clean house makes it bearable to unpack and get back to the humdrum routine.

After SoJo's baby shower, I saved a lot of those snap-able, heavy plastic bags that onesies and sheets come in, lord knows what I was going to use them for then. I just couldn't think about them clogging landfills. Finally I've figured out something to use them for...packing. I am sorting the baby stuff into short sleeved onesies, pjs, etc. and sticking them in separate bags. Then they can go into the suitcase. I think it'll be easier to find things that way (not that I am packing tons of stuff mind you). They'll probably make good bags if we have any damp clothes on our return home.
I am also bringing some clothespins to use for hanging up our towels off the balcony rail (clipping them under the railing so they don't fly away) and for other things. And I am bringing my Reisenthel market bag to corrall SoJo's toys and other stuff. I love that it's collapsable. Thanks to Candace at My Greening for the tip and the market basket!


  1. I always like to clean before going on vacation time. It's much less stressful coming home to a clean place.

  2. Have a great vacation. I saved all those bags too and use them to store old baby stuff so it won't get ruined in storage.
    I love that basket- I saw it at a store last fall and almost bought it. Maybe I will one day...


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