July 12, 2008

I Miss Bravo TV...And Introducing the Smoker's Bib

Before I became pregnant with lil' Darlin,' my husband and I had decided that if we were to have kids, one of us would stay home full time with them. Well since it would have been nearly impossible to live on my measly salary as a Museum Educator/art center teacher/Buddhist high school art teacher/occasional writer for an art teacher magazine AND a writer for the Craft in America PBS series teachers' guides, we decided I'd be the one to stay home and raise our child. I actually think I needed to stay home just to get a break from keeping all those part time jobs under control...never knew if I was coming or going. And because he's an IT guy, he definitely has more job security.

It's really worked out great, as I love being home and taking care of the baby and house (on most days) and since my husband works up the street at the local university, he comes home for lunch and can take a few hours here or there if I have an appointment I don't want to take lil' Darlin' to. However, we've had to make some cutbacks to our spending to make up for the cut in our income. It's mostly been pretty easy, like not going out to eat, not buying new clothes, consolodating our car trips to save on gas, and cutting back on entertainment.

Since we aren't big movie buffs, I didn't miss the entertainment factor until now: this week we had to switch to basic cable. Our town's provider just raised the rates another $20 a month which is over $200 a year, so we had no choice but to scale back. I miss Bravo the most, as I love Project Runway and Kathy Griffin's shows. However, with the internet, you can find a lot of free shows online, and if you don't mind viewing them on a computer screen, you can save a little money on your cable bill if you'd like to downsize to basic cable. I should say that I haven't been watching much TV lately, because I don't want Soren to get used to it being on. I'd like for him to avoid TV until he's 3 or so, as I don't think much good can come out of infants watching it (sorry Teletubbies!).

So last night, husband and I were watching some of the Tonight Show clips. Our favorites have always been Headlines and some of the funny product segments. There was an absolutely hysterical product that had us rolling. It's called The Smoker's Bib, and it's meant to prevent people from getting burn holes in their clothes. We were tempted to get some for our neighbors who our house adjoins to. Days when it's really windy, our house reeks...I just hope they don't ever cause a fire with a lit cigarette in bed or something. I never see the man outside without a lit cig.

I suppose you could use this for haircuts too.

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