July 10, 2008

Traveling with SoJo...and Nightmares

Last night I had such trouble falling asleep. It's because we are going on vacation.

I know, I know, this should be relaxing and something to look forward too, but to be honest, I am dreading it. It's more of the traveling part, and the sleeping part (for Soren), and the break-up of his routine. As I've mentioned here before, he's a high-needs baby or hypertonic, as some may say. Which means he is intense, demanding, and quite draining. In a lot of ways, I love these qualities as it makes for a very entertaining and enthusiastic child, when he's in a good mood. However, when he is crabby, watch out! My husband and I laugh (when we're not crying) about the irony that we, the two most laid-back, calm people, were blessed with such a spirited baby. I guess our dull lives needed some shaking-up.

I should say that it's been 200% better this month than those first two, but I am still concerned about driving with him for 10 hours to the beach. He has a very specific sleep routine that we can't follow on the road (swaddling his hyperactive arms in a carseat just doesn't work for obvious safety reasons) and he hates the carseat for more than an hour or so. The one thing that seems to quiet him when he's wailing in the car is if my husband blasts really heavy metal, like Carcass or Six Feet Under (with names like those, you can imagine what they sound like). But for some reason it works, and despite my protests against this annoying music prior to Soren, I've grown to love it. Probably because I'd rather hear that than my baby cry!

When we decided to make arrangements for this trip, it was when I was pregnant. I based my decision on my cousin's baby, who had traveled from Georgia to PA at 3 months and who handled the trip beautifully. My biggest baby misconception: that babies will sleep anywhere and everywhere when they're tired. Big surprise!! I got the baby who will only sleep in his crib in the dark, or occassionally on mom or dad's chest.

Since we can't change our plans, we are just going to grit our teeth and make the drive (I can't imagine taking him on a plane!). We are thinking about leaving around 10pm so that he'll hopefully sleep through most of it. But then I worry that I'll mess up his sleep pattern, or that he'll still cry because he's extra tired. At least when we get there, we'll have a lot of babysitters who can give us a break, meaning we are meeting my family and some extended family there. That was another reason why we decided to go, as it would be a little more relaxing to have some helpers on vacation. We may even have a night out just for ourselves!

So next Friday, send us a little prayer or some good thoughts for our journey. If all else fails, we'll have to listen to Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, or Ministry the entire way (pray for me!).

P.S. That's him in the photo on his ride home from the hospital...the tears started shortly after!


  1. I hope you guys have a nice time at the beach!

  2. Ugh...I do NOT envy you on this one! My girls can't sleep in the car, and it makes for some VERY stressful trips. Good luck!


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