August 18, 2008

Monday Musing: Singing to Your Kids

Do you sing to your kids? Do they like it? I sing to SoJo a lot, but since he's my only frame of reference for singing to babies, I wondered what other parents experiences are. I know he loves my voice because that's the main thing he's heard since conception, but frankly, I can't sing too well. My husband has told me so many times, so it must be true (because we all know husbands are always right...uh huh). Although he does say that when I sing to Soren it makes him sentimental and a little teary (in a good way). That melts my heart.

Soren's favorite song that I sing, oddly enough, is from the movie "School of Rock." It the song Jack Black and the kids sing at the end (I think it's called "Teacher's Pet") and even though I only know this part...

And if you wanna be the teacher's pet
Well, baby, you just better forget it.

Rock got no reason, rock got no rhyme

You better get me to school on time.

...and the "Ooh, la, la, la" background chorus, he just LOVES it! I can sing it from across the room and he turns his head and smiles and bounces up and down. I need to learn the rest of the lyrics (except maybe that line "Kick Some Ass!"...I'll wait til kindergarten for that!). I haven't seen this movie since it first came out, but for some reason this song has gotten stuck on replay in my head. So in honor of back to school, go watch this fun and funny movie.

Some of SoJo's other favorites:
Nobody Does it Better by Carly Simon (I grew up with her dad was in love with her. I also love the Radiohead version here.)
Dear Prudence by the Beatles
Oh Darling by the Beatles (Soren's primary nickname from me is Darlin')
Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead
Judy is a Punk by the Ramones
I Would for You by Jane's Addiction
Into the Mystic by Van Morrison
We're Going to Be Friends by The White Stripes (I sing all of their songs: rabid fan here)
Level and Yellow Sun by The Raconteurs (also sing all of their stuff too)

What songs do you sing to your kids or which songs do they go crazy for, even if you're not the one singing?


  1. Bootsie Baby's favorite song, hands down, Is "Barbra Ann" by the beach Boys. She goes crazy for it! She also loves "Hail To the Lion," the Penn State Fight song, and the theme from Rocky. She's a little random, I know...

  2. My older son (3 1/2) really likes Yellow Submarine and All Together Now by the Beatles (we have the Yellow Submarine movie). He also likes my brother's band's song Ten Dead Dogs.

    Baby Deeds likes Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...but he will pretty much "dance" to anything with a beat!

    Jojo used to like Shirley Temple movies/songs when he was little. Especially the tap dance scenes! When he heard them he would RUN to the TV to see the dancing.

  3. Hmm.. my son is eleven and he adores The Beatles (yech) and White Stripes also. Lately, he's been into David Bowie which is a good thing!
    He is in theater so he is ALWAYS singing. The house is much too quiet when he's not here. I would never make anyone suffer listening to my singing; I'm just here to listen to others!


I'm a good listener...comment away!

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