August 27, 2008

Not to Get All Techy on You But...

It's bad enough having to listen to darling husband talk Unix and Linux (computer speak) in the evenings, but now I'm getting a little addicted to tech stuff. I recently added a Feedburner RSS feed via email and various Readers (not a person who reads, but sort of like a widget) to this blog and am trying to sort out some things with it. I added the Technorati thing, but am still not entirely sure what that's for. Same goes for Twitter, but I'll figure that out soon just so I understand it on other blogs (I don't intend to put one here anytime soon).

Back to Feedburner: so far it seems like Feedburner only allows email updates on a daily basis. I'd much prefer weekly updates, as I know myself how hard it is to actually read daily updates to the various email newsletters I've subscribed to. I'd hate to lose any subscribers (all 8 of you!) because you're getting my emails too often. If anyone knows how to change the Feedburner settings, please email me. I've scoured their site and have come up with nothing. It seems like if I had chosen Feedblitz as my email feed, I could play with those settings, but alas, it may be too late.

In other tech news, I also added a counter last month through Blog Patrol. You can also get them through Feedjit and Sitemeter. This is pretty fascinating, not just to see how many people have visited your blog, but because you can get some detailed statistics about your vistors. I suppose this is second only to stalking them, but still, it's pretty cool! You can see the google search terms that bring people to your blog as well as other sites that have referred them to yours. If you'd prefer not to advertise the number of people who have popped by, you can always switch the blog counter widget to stealth mode, where it still runs but is not really visible by the public.

One more thing: I kid of course, about my husband and his shop talk. It is actually quite interesting and I've learned a lot about a field that I probably would not have taken an interest in if I hadn't married into it.

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