September 16, 2008

Baby Bjorn Believer

I recently came across a post on Baby Cheapskate that was compiling comments on what the most useless baby items are. Surprisingly, one of my favorite items was on the list--the Boppy pillow. I couldn't nurse without it!

On similar theme, one of my absolute baby necessities is my Baby Bjorn. We were gifted with what we'd call a "spirited" (read: alert and cranky) baby. From the first days onward, we tried many tricks to sooth little SoJo, from swaddling to rocking to nursing (which always worked). He wasn't what one would call colicky, since he usually could be soothed, however constant soothing can be exhausting! Enter the Baby Bjorn.
From about the first month on, we carried SoJo in that. He'd fall asleep instantly, giving us a few moments of peace. It also allowed me to have two free hands, and to get some things done around the house. I like that it is comfortable and doesn't feel like the baby might tip out like the sling that I have. It also matches a lot of my clothes, since right now I'm a huge chocolate brown fan. The material is very durable and drool and spit-up washes off it easily, and it's easy to get a squirmy baby in and out of too. I can't express enough how much I love this carrier; in fact just last week at the local baby store, I encouraged a man who was buying a carrier to get the Original Baby Bjorn rather than another brand. And he did.

Now that SoJo is a little older, we like to walk with him facing outward. It'll be nice in the cooler months to snuggle him against our chests and go for walks in the nearby park.

For those of you who are Baby Bjorn converts, you may have heard about the Baby Bjorn Believers program where everyday moms and dads like you spread the word about Baby Bjorn products. I've signed up and am now a Baby Bjorn Believer. If you're interested, register and use me, Kathleen Walck, as a contact. I'm eager to try some of their other products, like the potty and some of their mealtime items.


  1. I registered and I am with you on this!

  2. I too love my's a necessity!

  3. We have used wraps and mei tais, and while all have their own advantages, the Baby Bjorn is the easiest to use, by far! Enjoy some of their meal products- I'd get the plate (shaped like a clover) whenever you do solids, because they cannot pick it up!


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