September 18, 2008

Fall Decorating

I'm not one for seasonal decorating except for Christmas and Autumn--my absolute favorite season. I love the Fall for its cooler temperatures, warm colors, and Halloween! While I'll miss my garden, by the end of summer the plants look so tired, and I crave cool nights for sleeping.

When the slightest hint of fall hits the air, I start pulling out the autumn decor. While I enjoy creative Halloween decorations (friends of mine make awesome plywood tombstones for their front yard every year, with clever tributes to celebs who've died each respective year), I tend to go the more natural route. Most of it comes from outside, but over the years I've managed to amass a small collection of fake leaves, wired berries and one ceramic pumpkin. We went looking for acorns over the weekend for a display, but they were still green and tiny and hadn't yet fallen from the oaks in the park.

So come on in through the back door and have a look around!
There's the lone pumpkin from our garden, which was actually grown from last year's cast-off pumpkins that were on our porch.

The back door from the porch/laundry room into the kitchen

The kitchen table with my ceramic pumpkin. That there is some yarrow and sage from my herb garden. Did I ever mention that I won the Best in Show award for herb arranging at the Bloomsburg Fair a few years ago? The herbs were all from my garden too.

The living room. We have a weird shelf surrounding the place where our chimney is. Not sure why it's there, but it's a stand-in for the mantle that we hang stockings from at Christmas. We'll tell SoJo that Santa comes down that chimney into the basement and then comes upstairs.

The sculpture of Shiva is a present my dad brought me when he was working in India 2 years ago. The Buddha sculpture is something we've had a while. Pumpkins are from the local farmers market---4 for $1.50. Pretty good deal!
This wooden bowl will eventually hold acorns...for now it's chocolate. Most of the candy went to work with my husband, but we had to keep a few pieces.
Our front door with gourds, pumpkins, a mum and some purple coleus-thing that was on my front porch all summer.
I made the corn decoration by soaking the husks in hot water and then braiding them together. The ears naturally fanned out like that as a result.
Oscar the cat says "Fare thee well!"


  1. Thanks for the lovely tour of your house! I really like all the decorations you made - simple, yet effective. And Oscar is great too!

  2. I actually really like the scalloped shelf. Your house is so adorable. When can I move in?

  3. Your decorations look very pretty! I'm also into all decorating...I like to start as soon as September hits!

  4. Yeah, that was fun! Lets do another tour next week.
    Good job with the decorating. That is definitely not my gifting.

  5. You have so cute Halloween decoration!! These pumpkins are really sweet!!

  6. Wow..! I really love your Halloween decoration..!


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