September 19, 2008

I've Become One of those Moms

It's finally happened. I've become one of those moms. No, I haven't gone out to get a mom hairdo, but I've let my child cry-it-out. Husband was laughing that the expression even has its own acronym, CIO. "What doesn't have an acronym these days," he says, this coming from a man who works in IT where everything has letters that stand for something, FTP, PING, MYSQL (I call that my squirrel).

But I digress as usual. Before you judge me regarding the CIO, let me explain. This week has been awful for SoJo and sleep. I think it's because he's on the cusp of full-blown crawling, or maybe teething, but he's been getting up every night at least 2-3 times, screaming his head off. Not just fussing and going back to sleep. I feel so spoiled that he had slept through the night (at least 8-9 hours, sometimes up to 12) from the first month onward.

I know that when it comes to babies and sleep, schedules and patterns don't last. But I guess I just really became attached to sleeping at night, minus the half hour midway for breast pumping. As most of you know, it's disorienting and stressful being roused abruptly by blood-curling screams, so I'd much rather wake slowly to pump than be jolted awake by baby cries.

My husband has a great perspective on it: grist for the mill (his words). We signed on for the baby thing knowing that it would shake up our boring lives and give us a new challenge. Do we ever know that now! And what life is worth living without some grist for the mill? It builds character and proves that we can be strong in the midst of adversity. And hey, it's not like my kid has some life-threatening disease, so buck-up Kathleen!

I am finally letting Soren cry-it-out, not entirely, but just more than I used to. First off, he's getting older and more aware of the world and used to us as parents. So I feel that he's ready to be alone a little more and able to learn to settle himself better. Secondly, I am exhausted from the past few days of constant sleep-interruption. I can also blame blogging too, since I really should be napping instead I'm typing! But this is therapeutic in its own way.

I'll continue more on this theme later hopefully, since my pillow is calling at the moment.


  1. I was never brave enough to do it with Jonas, but we did it with Deacon and it has pretty much worked.

  2. I need to do it with Jasper but he's a stubborn little guy. He's been waking and wanting to nurse every 90 minutes or so the past week. I am going crazy. But he'll seriously scream for four hours and still not fall asleep and I don't want him to wake his sister...


  3. I love to be able to read how you handle some things so that I can keep it in mind for the time when/if we ever decide to have a child. I hope you are able to get some better sleep soon and independence is a very good thing to teach Soren. I hope you three have a super weekend! :)

  4. Every mom is different and just has to find what works for her and her child. I could never do it. I think the most I'd go was a minute or two of crying.

    Hopefully it'll all work out and soon he'll be able to sleep through the night =)

  5. Oh dear. My nerves were just too bad for that. Thank goodness my children survived ME!
    When they did that, I just slept on the floor in the nursery; at least I didn't have to travel far. Hubby didn't mind because he wasn't being awoken. Go figure.
    I was just sure there was a bug in the crib or something...
    Oh you poor dear. I know you need sleep. Maybe over the weekend, hubby can let you sleep?

  6. Well, I have to say, I let my babes cry it out. But by that I mean that they cry for no longer than 5 minutes before I go in to their rooms to reassure them. It works very well for us!

    Don't feel bad about it. You're his mom, not his slave! :)


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