September 25, 2008

Knitting's in the Air

When the weather turns cool, I pull out my knitting. Although I think of scarecrows, apple cider, crisp leaves, and The Great Pumpkin when I hear the word Autumn, I also think about knitting. It's not that I don't knit in summer, it's just that I don't have much patience for it when it's 90 degrees and you have half of a sheep sitting in your lap in the form of wool yarn. My summer projects tend to be quick and light--baby hats, bamboo yarn, dishcloths.

As a promised gift to another blogger, I've finally started the entrelac headband pattern from Knitty.

{Aside to Naomi: I am still working on your hat, I just had to pull out some stitches and that always sets me back. But it's so me to be working on like 8 projects at once.}

If you're a knitter and haven't visited Knitty, get thee to the site with haste! They've just put up their fall 2008 issue and there are some delicious patterns to turn into wearable works of art. I'm particularly drooling over the Morgan hat.

I'm hoping to finish this before the weekend, although according to the pattern, this is just a half day project. I've already spent half of today (give or take, when SoJo is napping and playing quietly) and I've only finished about one quarter of the pattern.
I've had to rip some stitches out, since entrelac is a little confusing, and also because we're having a new furnace put in today and the guys have have been banging pipes all day. I can't say I'll miss that 1950s monster and its roar, and the weird stuff that was hidden inside it. Chris once found an empty container of Bryers' ice cream from the 1980s hidden in the furnace jacket. Must have been someone's secret ice cream eating spot.

I'll post some more photos as I get further along with the pattern, or maybe just when I've finished. And please, if you know of any digital camera giveaways or freebies, let me know. My photos are terrible beyond terrible, and not because I can't compose a picture!


  1. Wow, knitting is just one thing I don't have a knack for. It doesn't seem like it should be all that hard but I'm jsut all thumbs.

    Thanks for stopping by..

  2. Your colors are much prettier than the ones on the tutorial! It looks like it's going to be gorgeous.

    And it was 86º here so no big rush on the hat...


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