September 1, 2008

Pulling Out My Hair, Unintentionally

Many of my mama friends warned me this would happen. That luscious pregnancy mane that I loved tossing and flipping is now filling my hairbrush and my clothes and my floors and pretty much everything in the house. It's kind of gross, actually, because it's everywhere--tickling the back of my shoulders, sticking to SoJo's wet, drooly hands, and it's even curled its way into my cooking. Thankfully there were no guests eating with us that day. The worst is when I'm washing dishes and a hair gets onto my hand and is impossible to get off because it gets slippery with the water. O my poor distraught life! When shalt my troubles end?

I remember my mom's gasp when she was changing my youngest brother's diaper and found one of her hairs wound around his, well, you can guess what, and it was pretty red. No wonder he was crying so much beforehand. That image has stuck with me so now I'm always checking SoJo for hair wrapped around his various extremities.

Interestingly, I found that the reason one's hair seems thicker during pregnancy is that hormones prevent it from falling out. A non-pregnant woman loses about 50-100 hairs a day so once a pregnant woman delivers, she'll eventually lose all of that hair that she held onto during the pregnancy. I guess I thought that hair loss would happen sooner, but now my question is how long will this continue?


  1. A few years ago in Parent magazine in the "IT HAPPENED TO ME!" horror section, someone wrote that their daughter almost lost her big toe because it had a hair wrapped around it for a long time! Eww!

  2. When you find out, let me know! I got pregnant with Sweet Pea so soon after having Bootsie Baby that I didn't really start to lose my hair until recently...and I feel like I'm going BALD!!

  3. Be careful... with Roo, I actually got a receding hairline and finally figured out that my pregnancy had triggered some latent hypothyroidism. If it seems like you're losing too much hair, have trouble swallowing, extreme dryness in your skin, irritability and mood swings, you might want to ask your doctor about that. Apparently it's pretty common. And, of course, all the symptoms are also true to most sleep-deprived, post-partum women...

  4. This post is everything that im going through with my hair! All my life i have had thick curly hair, after i had my kids, it started to fall out like crazy. I have to clean the drain in the shower every2-3 weeks because of how much falls out. ive found strands of hair in my sons diaper before(but thankfully it was irritating him, but still) if i ever opt to straighten my hair, it means im willing to lose a lottt , it ends up all over the floor, gross i know!
    Cooking, i never use to eventhink about hair in my food, but now im paranoid about it since its fallign out. i alwayss have my hair tied back, and secured witha headband. i heard somewhere that it might have to do with being low in nutrients...iron i think it was. My kids will be 2 in december and i still have this problem :(


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