September 26, 2008

Shoe Fetish

I'm playing along with Mannequin here from Fractured Toy, who posted her top ten pairs of shoes. I confess I'm a shoe freak, probably because I'm don't wear a size 6 dress size and therefore can't be a clothes horse (I've heard that larger women tend to be accessory freaks for that reason...fewer clothes designed to fit them...I suppose that's changing though).

I haven't bought so many shoes lately, since I don't have anywhere to really wear them now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, and also since we're surviving on a tight budget. But here are some of my perennial favorites. {and yes, I have huge size 10 feet. Blame my dad's side...those bigfooted Pollocks}.
Every gal's gotta have a pair of red shoes. These are very of my many pairs of Clarks. The Indigo and Artisan lines are my favorite. Here are two more of my Clarks (as well as the ones in the top left photo).
The clogs used to be my favorite, but since I wore them every day during my pregnancy, my swollen feet really busted them out in the end. I wish I could shrink them back!

My boots, cheapie brown ones that are a little too small (great bargain at $10) and... go-to Aldo boots from a few years back. I even had them resoled at a cobbler (it was quite a charming experience). I'm coveting a pair of Frye boots for years, but just can't ever imagine paying over $250 for a pair of shoes.
Dressy sandals and heels

And my Birkenstocks, which have lasted for 10+ years (and were also resoled by the cobbler).

These are just a few of my faves. I have a couple of other Mary-Jane-ish shoes, which are probably my favorite style. I have some unremarkable flip flops that are my round-the-house shoes, as well as my taupe Mary Jane crocs. I suppose I should be embarrassed writing that I wear crocs, but hey, they're comfy and easy to spray garden muck off of.


  1. eeekk! I LOVE your little red shoes AND your black boots.
    You DO love shoes, don't you? I don't know what it is; I buy them and some of them I've never worn. But, I might need them on e day, right??
    I know...last year I tried twice to order a pair of Frye boots and both times the order came back OUT OF STOCK. I got mad and refused to order again (until this year, maybe..._)
    Thanks for showing us your shoes!

  2. I like the red ones! There's nothing like a red pair of shoes to make you feel sexy!

  3. I was lusting after those very same Frye boots and waited patiently until some came up on Ebay in my size... hey, here are some in yours:


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