September 9, 2008

Whatever...Kids and TV

Is kids' TV bad for kids? I've been wondering that for a while now, even before I was pregnant. This stems from having to sit through annoying Disney channel stuff at a friend's house for like 3 hours straight.

I'm probably the only one who can't stand the programming. It's usually some smarmy tween with idiot parents and really bad, over-the-top acting. Or else it seems like some of the characters are nasty or just have attitude, or are as stupid as patio furniture (thinking of a certain sponge here).

Yes I know parents complain about the violence in some children's cartoons, but that's not what I'm talking about here. My friend's 4-year-old daughter in particular has been giving her mom attitude, like putting her hand on her hip and saying "whatever." My friend is convinced that she learned it from TV, since she doesn't hang around older girls. And don't even get me started on the Slutz, I mean, Bratz dolls. Who buys those things (I'm sure some of you have to end that embarrassing temper tantrum in the store!).

And to harken back to the good old days of Tom and Jerry, why can't cartoon characters just beat the hell out of each other over and over again?

So far we don't let SoJo watch TV. I'm not a fanatic, but I don't believe that babies need TV (then again, who does?). He's occupied by so many other things in the world, and I've noticed if the TV happens to be on, he tunes out everything around him. During the day I play music or have silence. In the evenings we don't really watch anything. Come to think of it, why do we still have very basic cable anyway? Oh yeah, for Lost and football.

We'll see what happens when he gets older. I know I can be naive about raising a baby, and some of you probably swear by the TV as a temporary babysitter in a moment of desperation. I'm hoping my desperation doesn't end on that street.

Next week I'll be ranting about the princess/diva thing!


  1. I started out with the best intentions about TV, too. Jojo wasn't interested in TV at all until he was about 18 months. In fact we had the TV put away and unplugged when he was about 4 months-15 months. Then my mom gave us 2 Sesame Street DVD's as a gift so we got it back out.
    He never just watches "TV", it is always DVD's of our choosing. I will say that I whole heartedly recommend the Leap Frog learning DVD's. When Jojo was 2 years and 2 weeks old, he learned ALL OF THE PHONETIC SOUNDS in the alphabet. I was amazed. Sometimes TV can teach things that I can't, like our MUZZY Dvds that teach French on a kid's level.
    I'm anti "stupid" TV, like Sponge Bob, which Jojo also likes but now we aren't in the US so it isn't an issue anymore :)

  2. That "Newonda1" comment was from me. I guess my husband secretly used my computer without my knowledge!

  3. I HATE Bratz dolls. I hate that Barbie has lingerie with garter belts. I once voiced that opinion in one of my education classes, and they almost crucified me for promoting censorship...and a mother told me I was ridiculous, as she had played with Barbie and her lingerie as a child, and allows her daughter to do so. Did I mention that she had her daughter as a teenager? *Cough*

    Bootsie Baby has a couple of DVD's that I allow her to watch, but her time is limited. I regulate her TV time, just like anything else. I used to swear up and down that she would never watch TV until she was much older, but live and learn I guess! All things in moderation, I suppose...

  4. I don't use it (yet), but I have just prepared a post for tomorrow about TV. I totally agree with you that it's terrible for infants. For toddlers, who are keeping their Mommies and younger brothers awake, it might be a pretty good thing actually! ;-)


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