October 7, 2008

Finished the Entrelac Headband!

After many weeks of procrastinating (I mean, dealing with a needy baby), I finally finished the Entrelac headband for Stacy. It would have been finished last week, had we not all gotten sick with colds. Even little SoJo was sniffling and sneezing. I felt so bad for him. Not only did he have a cold, but he had gotten vaccine shots on Wednesday AND has two bottom teeth that are coming in (darn those teeth, would you just make your appearance already!). So it was a pretty miserable weekend for us, hence the lack of posts.

Anyhow, the headband finally done. Now I can move on to my backlog of projects. The entrelac wasn't too difficult to do, once I figured out the first part of the pattern. It was pretty fun!

I used a variagated yarn, which means it's one skein that changes color. I can't figure out why the central purplish-pink color didn't change as frequently. That's why the middle of the piece seems like it's one solid color. But all in all, I think it turned out very pretty. I hope Stacy likes it.

If you're wondering what those little dots around the edges are, they're straight pins. I'm blocking it on a towel to shape it a little better. You dampen the piece with water and then pin it down to a towel to dry.

In the first photo, I'm modeling it in our bathroom with wet (not greasy!) hair. I swear, Stacy, that was only the second time I tried it on! My cat was dying to sit on it when I had it drying in front of the space heater on the floor, but I kept shooing him away. And congratulations on your marriage!


  1. That's so cute! I've never seen one of those before--looks fun to knit. I'm still working on those fingerless gloves. I need them soon b/c it's cold in the morning now.

  2. It turned out very well...you're quite talented!

  3. Very cute, and you wear it so well!

  4. It's super cute. I cannot thank you enough!


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