October 4, 2008

Musical Notes to Myself (and My Son)

I love singing to my son. Although I will never be the next American Idol, I certainly wouldn't make those funny outtakes either. I'm sorry but you just won't catch me singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" in a tight baby doll dress with my jelly rolls hanging out.

Around the house, I sing everything to my son. When we're going up the stairs, I sing about it. When I'm feeding him rice cereal, I sing about the spoon traveling all the way from the bowl to his mouth. Usually I just pick some random notes to sing to, but sometimes I'll use the Alphabet Song/ Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star tune. (I just realized about a month ago that those two songs use the same melody...I guess I never really put 2 and 2 together).

I also tend to reword lots of other songs to incorporate my son's name. Clementine is a favorite, since I call my son "lil' darlin'" a lot, so I'll sing "O my darlin', O my darlin', O my darlin' Soren Jo." I add his name to other songs like "Mama's Little Baby (likes shortnin', shortnin") and "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby." I know, it sounds like a Tom and Jerry soundtrack here, but I just love those old-fashioned songs!

Then of course there are the cacophany of musical toys, gifted to Soren from his relatives, particulary GG (my mom). They all have their own annoying songs, mostly the old-school kids stuff with modified lyrics. The tool set: "I've been working with my tool set..." to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad." Of course I know the entire repertoire by heart now, and my husband and I find ourselves singing them even when our son is napping.

And who doesn't sing Mockingbird to put their child to sleep? My parents would sing the Carly Simon/James Taylor version, which has totally different lyrics than the traditional one, so I had to relearn it. Now I sometimes modify the traditional, substituting funny words, more to amuse myself since I still sing it in the same soothing tone. Now don't get uppity when I write this, but sometimes I sing "Mama's gonna buy you a bag of grass" instead of "looking glass." And I am referring to a bag of lawn clippings!

What do you sing to your babes? This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as an entry for a contest sponsored by Bush’s Beans, who is having a contest on their site to rewrite the classic "Beans, Beans the musical fruit..." rhyme. Go on over and write your own jingle, you just might win $5000.


  1. That's so neat. I've heard singing is really good for babies. I tried it some, but couldn't stick with it.

  2. How sweet! I used to sing to my little ones all the time, but Bootsie Baby doesn't like it anymore. :(

  3. kee hee hee. A bag of lawn clippings.
    You really DO sing about everything don't you?
    Music is the universal language, isn't it?

  4. I must admit I sang to Roo more than I do to Jasper. Her name is easier to stick into songs...


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