October 15, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

SoJo loves his dad's hair and whiskers. They have this game they play where Chris rubs SoJo's palms down his stubbly cheeks and over his hair and he just laughs and smiles. It's too cute.
And then it turns into a nose bite. SoJo has this thing about grabbing and gumming our faces lately. Hope he outgrows it.

Chris' hair is not normally so long (I know, in this photo it's probably shorter than most of your hubby's) and in that shot he is quite overdue for his usual head-shave.
He tends to keep it shaved to the skin, which I'm always begging him to change. He used to have long, long hair when I first met him but I think the monk-look is what he's going for now. It's funny that he's not even going bald, which is why some guys shave their heads. It is much easier to care for but I miss his longer hair.

If you like, I invite you to leave a comment for Mr. Clean telling him why he should grow his hair longer for his baby's mama.


  1. How long is long?

    I think it looks great, BUT, if it makes mama happy, grow it out.....it's easy to cut! :)

    And the pictures of the two of them are so cute!

  2. Charming pictures of Dad and son.
    That man NEEDS to grow his hair out; he looks fine but just think...

    Think of long hair as a reserve tank. You may someday need that extra supply of hair to do the comb over "oh no, I am not bald!" look.

    I say get it while you can! One can never be too prepared, right?? Stock up on all you can!

  3. Chris! Grow your hair! It makes you look younger!

    I'm thinking "the beatles" long.

    Just kidding. Kinda.

  4. Mr. Clean - mommy loves the long look. Why not oblige her? It is such a simple thing for the woman that carried your seed for that long TEN months!

  5. i agree, grow it out for mama, you can always cut it later!

    i love the pictures - so sweet!

  6. My daughter used to do the same thing with my husband's whiskers AND nose (but the nose thing was his own fault. He thought it was hilarious!). Now I wish I would have been smarter like you and taken a picture or two. SO CUTE!

  7. I love the nose bite photo! so cute!

  8. That's so cute! My sons were fascinated with my husband's stubble, too.

  9. cute picture - my kids HATE my hubs stubble - it is like razors really!!

  10. definitely grow the hair. i had to break my husband of the shave it all off at the barber habit. he still just goes to the barber, but keeps it a bit longer now (no scalp peeking through) and i love it. it's just hair... you can always cut it later, but try growing it for a while!

  11. Aw, the two of them together is so cute.. a little male bonding going on..

  12. They are adorable together! And yes, longer hair would be nice...tell him if he keeps cutting it, soon there will be nothing left to cut!

  13. aww, look at your two cute boys! Same hairdo!

  14. Mr. Clean,

    Long hair is hot...you should grow it out.

    P.S. If you look sexy for your wife, she will probably make it worth your while...think about it...


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