November 11, 2008

The Art of Tea

Since I'm a connoisseur of the visual arts and also trained as an art teacher, I thought I'd share some famous artworks with tea-related subject matter.

Mary Cassatt is the all-time queen of tea sipping art. And mothers and babies, in case you've never seen her work. But I'm sure you have, especially on calenders, where poor old Mary's fine artworks always seem to land.
Yikes! Kind of a grim expression, eh? Like what I imagine Aunt March from Little Women to look like.

Cassatt was an American artist from Philadelphia who became part of the French Impressionists (Monet, Degas, Renoir, etc.). She was greatly inspired by Japanese art, as you can see in this drypoint and aquatint print.

Up next is Andy Warhol and one of his cake prints.
This one is the Butterfly Cake. Before he was known as a Pop artist, Warhol was a graphic designer who worked in publications. You may have seen some of his whimsical ladies' shoe drawings.

Then we have Henri Matisse, a French artist who is hard to lump into a category of Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, or Expressionism. Although this image doesn't reflect his typically colorful work, it still has his style of using flat planes of color.

Here's an earlier Matisse from 1919

This is a print advertisement reminiscent of Henri Toulouse Lautrec, one of my favorite artists.
But I believe it's an Art Nouveau ad ripping off his style.

And for something totally unexpected, here's David Hockney's "Second Tea Painting" from 1961.
This last one is just plain funny. The precursor to the Red Hat Society--the Black Hatters, Salem, circa 1692.
From the left, that's Can Can, Naomi, Mannequin and Angie. I was off roasting marshmallows around a big bonfire that day.


  1. That cake print looks yummy.
    I'm glad to see I am one of the only black hatters with teeth, unlike "angie" and "mannequin". :)

  2. I noticed that! Why didn't I get to roast the mallows? I wasn't aware that my photo was being taken, isn't this an infringement of my privacy or somethin'?

    Lautrec is one of your favorites? I would have never guessed. Never in a million years.


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