November 12, 2008

Exit Loom, Enter Playpen

I'm a tad bit sad, because I gave up my loom to a good friend of mine. It's a bittersweet ending to the infrequent affair that I had with that loom. But truly, it's so impractical for me to have that honkin' thing sitting around here, in fact it had gotten degraded (much like our cat) after SoJo was born.
Once a child is born, suddenly, one's personal space is invaded by things with strange names like Bjorn, Graco and Boudreax's Butt Paste, and some guy named Carter. What were once the signs of an artistic life get stored in boxes in the attic, hoping to return on that first day of Kindergarten.

I know that the loom will get lots of love and attention in its new home, under Lola's care. I'd feel sad if it were sitting in my garage, waiting for that moment when it might return to the living room and make rag rugs again.

L--I hope you and your loom make beautiful weavings together. I couldn't have picked a better person to adopt my Gallinger. Take care of her!


  1. That's a big sacrifice, but at least you know it will be better used by your friend. And you can always visit ;)

    I'm looking around at all of my scrapbooking things and feeling similar...I know I won't have time to do anything with them anytime soon.

    Maybe it is really time we get a storage unit. *sigh*

  2. oh, that is sad. but maybe one day you will be reunited...

  3. That is truly a sad moment...I have realized that my oil painting supplies may not see light of day for about 5 years, if ever (so many chemicals!)...

  4. Same thing happened with me and my painting :( and actully finishing craft projects. Oh I can start them, just no time to finish them!

  5. I just saw this! beautiful. You know I'll love you and the loom forever.

  6. Im curouse if you made anything with the loom before having to depart from it? I would love to see some of the pieces if you did! I think that loom is awsome and Im sure your friend is loving it as you are loving your Little One!


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