November 11, 2008

My Finest China

Although I've been known to drink tea from a paper cup, the full pleasure of enjoying my cup of Earl Grey can only be had when I'm using my favorite mug. Can Can posted a Mr. Linky over at Mom Most Traveled where bloggers can share photos of their favorite tea cups. Here's mine:
This mug is special for many reasons. First because it holds a lot of tea and Lazy-bones here doesn't have to get up to brew a second pot (yes, I do admit to reusing a tea bag--Lazy-and-Cheap-bones here).

Secondly, it just feels nice in my hand. The rounded body fits perfectly into my palms, and it's great for keeping them too.

And lastly, but probably most importantly, it was made in the town where I grew up, by a potter named Todd Jeffreys, who sells his pottery at his shop Stoneware in rural Pennsylvania. As a teenager, I would actually walk downtown and visit his store and sometimes buy something, usually a mug or something small, since my part-time job at a donut shop didn't pay much. Yes, I was one of those freaky-artsy girls who didn't blow their cash on makeup or fancy clothes. Just pottery and handmade stuff.

Mr. Jeffreys was also kind enough to let me fire some of my own pottery in his kiln when the one at our high school wasn't working. I was trying to gather a variety of objects for my art portfolio for college, so I was extremely grateful to him for allowing me to do this.

This mug I bought pretty recently, within the last 10 years, during a festival of some kind. The funny thing is that when I was pregnant, I needed to get that required glucose test and when I went to have blood drawn, I saw a nearly identical mug on the technician's desk. I nearly jumped out of the chair while having my veins pricked. We chatted about the mugs and how much we loved admiring and using them.

Here's a photo of some of my own mugs, but honestly, they're just not that spectacular.
I need more practice on the potter's wheel, since these clunkers could kill a person if dropped from a 2 story building. The one on the right is hand-built, not thrown on the wheel, and is more of a pitcher than a mug.

I'd love to see your favorite mug over at Can Can's place, so go link up! Cheers!


  1. *cringe* That glucose test was horrible. Sorry that memory just jumped into my head. They were backed up at the lab I went to and I had to wait another hour before they could see me...I was starving, thirsty, and my hands started to shake. What a horrible thing to do to a pregnant woman!

    I usually use my big green cup for anything warm I sip on, be it coffee, tea, or cider. But sometimes when I'm feeling fancy I get out my Bailey's mugs. They're just so cute.

  2. I love these! Stop dogging your pottery skills! Don't you dare get rid of them.

    The linky is up!

  3. How unique; they are beautiful and I LIKE a heavy, sturdy mug!
    Nice story Kathleen, oddly enough I was one of the artsy crowd also but spent all my money on cashmere. I had a thing for cashmere and angora.

  4. I totally remember when you used to work at Mister Donut (i don't think it was dunkin donuts yet)! We don't have any fancy mugs around these parts, just red ones we picked up at crate and barrel's outlet store a few years ago.

  5. Your mugs look amazing, and I loved seeing your favorite mug. Have I told you how great your site looks? And I love the Tea party welcome banner!


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