November 4, 2008

My Kind of Art

Chris came across the work of Michael Paulus on Digg or Reddit, can't remember which. I love the idea behind this, and also the da-Vinci style of these drawings. The skeleton sketches are so beautiful, once you get past the funny part. I just had to share them.
Charlie Brown

Peppermint Patty (love the strange, cavity grin)

Hello Kitty

Remember Schmoo? Chris and I like to talk like him sometimes (we're freaks, yes). I never would have thought he had arms hiding in there.

Linus van Pelt (we almost named Soren "Linus"--hold your comments!)

Check out more of Michael Paulus' work HERE and on his website HERE.


  1. I LOVE these! Very clever!

    P.S. I usually hake up large batches of the toothpaste and save it in a container. :)

  2. These are cool! It is more clinical than it is macabre; I'm not offended.


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