November 4, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: The Coat Closet

This was way overdue. And the photos don't truly show how bad this closet was. There was a lot of stuff hidden beneath that blue down comforter that I should have let you see.

This closet is in our living room and serves as a repository for everything---coats and beyond. It truly became a dumping ground more recently as Soren began crawling and we'd stash anything we didn't want him to get into in that closet. Which is why I'll assume there was a box of matches in there.
Here are some of the things that were hiding in there, some necessary, some not:
  • one shoe
  • diaper bag
  • laptop bag
  • space heater
  • vacuum cleaner
  • many blankets (for cozy-ing up on the couch)
  • baby toys
  • our fireproof safe (easy access to put mail, etc.)
  • Baby Bjorn
  • Hats, gloves, scarves (all over the place)
  • Knitting basket
  • receipts
  • baby sling
Enough already!! First I took everything out, swept the closet, then sorted the pile into things that needed to stay in the closet and things that should go elsewhere. I had some black wicker baskets from SoJo's room that I switched out with other containers (the ones I stole from his digs kept breaking off pieces of wicker onto his floor--temptingly yummy for a baby). I put the baby carrying stuff in one and blankets in another.
I also wrangled our receipts into the box on the left.
I had an extra shoe pocket-organizer up in the attic that I thought would be useful on the door for hats and gloves. I need to screw it onto the door, since the hooks that go over the door don't let it close so easily.And lastly, I brought in the shoe rack from our back porch mudroom/laundry room. It's hard to deal with putting on and taking off shoes in colder weather in that porch, since it's not too insulated. Boots are another story: they'll remain in the mudroom.The final result: an organized closet!
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  1. Great job! It looks awesome!

    How funny..I was thinking about doing our closet like that too. It's also right by the living room, so anyone sitting there could easily see how messy it is! You have inspired me to have that done for my tackle next week!!

  2. Looks great.....your diaper bag is so cute, too!

  3. Nice work Kathleen. It always feels so nice to have tidy closets, doesn't it? It's amazing how neat and tidy a home can be and then...because it's not seen, the closet is atrocious.
    Yours is lovely! I like that basket idea.

  4. Looks wonderful! I love the door hanger for glves and hats!!

  5. great idea using the shoe pocket thingie. i need to try that!

  6. That looks great! We tore out our coat/shoe closet so I dread what the winter is going to be like with no place for our coats/shoes.

  7. My hall closet looks like your before pictures. Thank you for inspiring me to clean it up...

  8. That's a great tackle!! I love the shoe organizer for hats and gloves:-)

  9. Nice job! Want to come do our closet?

  10. It looks much better - what a timely tackle!


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