November 10, 2008

Tea Time!

"The Tea Party is a spa for the soul. You leave your cares and work behind. Busy people forget their business. Your stress melts away, your senses awaken..."---Alexandra Stoddard

My sincerest welcome to you! This week is a special one here at Katydid and Kid, where you are cordially invited to attend our bloggy Tea Party, hosted by myself, Naomi of Superdumb Supervillain, Angie of 7 Clown Circus, CanCan of Mom Most Traveled, and Mannequin of Fractured Toy, with Kristin of An Ordinary Life making some guest appearances. We'll be sharing recipes and crafts, hosting giveaways for adults only (not THAT kind!), and engaging you in some good old-fashioned girl chat.

So brew yourself a cuppa, let the calls go to voice mail, and find a sitter! It's your turn to relax and focus on rejuvenating yourself.


  1. A sitter?! Hmm I don't think I've uttered that word more than 3 times in 5 months. LOL

    But I'm definitely intrigued!

  2. I will have to stay tuned to read more of your virtual tea party posts!

    We just "tagged" you over at the Green Baby Guide. Sunday's post explains what that is all about. (A year ago, I never expected I'd be attending "bloggy tea parties" and playing "blog tag"!)

  3. I'm looking forward to checking it out!

  4. love it! i popped in from Angie's place and have visted the other ladies hosting the tea party. i added your adorable little button to my monday bloggy business post and i am hoping to get in on some of your giveaway goodness!

  5. Kids are asleep! Glad to be here.


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