December 1, 2008

SoJo Swims!

No photos yet, but we went to our first swim class, or should I say, splash session today. Every Monday for the next 12 weeks we'll be pretending it's not 20 degrees outside and snowing in order to swim in the 90 degree chlorinated waters of an indoor pool.
From the beach this summer...can't believe how little he looks! But why does his face (and my body) look so fat--don't answer that last part.

Mr. Geek hates water, to the point that he would skip showers if he didn't stink. And in one of his many moments of clarity, he insisted that SoJo learn to swim and not be afraid of water. I wholeheartedly agreed, since I must have been a mermaid in a past life (that speaks for my love of nori, hijiki, and kombu). I LOVE water, and don't know what I'd do if the seas and municipal water reserves dried up. I'll take it in any form, shower, bath, drinking glass.

Today was a great day to start our swim session--mild weather, a long morning nap, full belly of breastmilk, oatmeal and bananas (him, not me). I even got to see some of my old swim-mates from when I used to go to the pool every day when I was pregnant.

Our class was great, only 3 kids and a nice instructor with engaging songs, swim toys, and games to play. SoJo loves water, and was a little-too-happily splashing around and yelling in delight. I couldn't have been more pleased...well, maybe if he would have focused on my face when I was trying to instruct him with some of the games.

I put him under the water a couple of times too, which went well. He still was a little shocked, but from what the instructor told me, by about a year old, babies lose their automatic reflex of holding their breath under water. So I really want to get him used to briefly going under. We use a cue of 1,2,3 to prepare him for knowing what is going to happen, and I blow in his face to trigger the gasping reflex. With practice, I'm sure he'll be swimming to me under water soon.

The point of this class is baby safety, and by the end, SoJo should be able to roll onto his back in the water, which would be crucial if he ever accidentally fell into a pool of water. At least he could cry out for help, rather than flounder face first in the water.

All in all, it was a good session, except getting out. He didn't want to leave the water, and of course it was difficult showering and getting his clothes on, since he was chilly. Plus he kept trying to crawl under the changing room door once I dressed him, while I was in the midst of pulling off my wet swimsuit. There was no way I could run out of that room to chase him, even if most of the clientele is over 70 and probably has poor eyesight!


  1. Oh, fun! I wish we could do that with you...

  2. Swim classes sound like so much fun! I bet my two-year-old would LOVE it.

  3. The picture is brilliant and it sounds as though the two of you had a wonderful time. :)

  4. 20 degrees???

    It's in the 80s here =).

    That's great he's learning baby safety! I should take DS to some classes soon...especially since we're surrounded by water =)

  5. That sounds like fun! A good way to get out of the house and teach Sojo some skills! Maybe you can call him "soggy" at the pool. Cuz I almost typed that.

    I should have done a class like that. I can always be a better parent to my future children, maybe.

  6. This is great! My kids could swim before they could walk...or almost!! Hey, I'm Sharing Some Linky Love with you over at my place...please come Check. It. Out!

  7. What a great idea...I'm sure you will make some special memories! :)


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