February 4, 2009

An Afternoon at the Art Museum

Yesterday SoJo and I paid a visit to my former place of employment, which happens to be a great little art museum. I used to work in the Education Department, giving tours and leading classes, as well as helping to install our rotating children's gallery. We have both permanent galleries and temporary Special Exhibitions, and with each Special Exhibition, our Ed Staff would change over the kids' gallery to reflect the new exhibition's theme. Currently we have a Monet and Matisse show, so the children's area is decked out in Impressionist decor and activities.

Here we are in front of "Matisse's House"......and sitting on Arty, aka the bronze Galapogas turtle that is the unofficial mascot of the Ed. Department. Kids love climbing on him.
I miss working on those gallery installations, which if I were to describe the process, would sound like an episode of Trading Spaces. We'd usually have about 2 weeks to tear down everything and rebuild it, with a budget of like $10 (ok, maybe a little more). Here are some photos of our children's gallery that I took a few years ago during a different Impressionism show. I neglected to take photos of the current installation, but I was too busy talking with co-workers and making sure SoJo didn't eat the fake plants.
These are of the activity corner, where there are make-and-take art projects for families. The counter below the chickens had an origami frog project along with a flowery lily pad, both of which were made from paper.
The other activity seen below was a mini landscape made out of torn tissue paper. Very impressionistic.Right as you entered the kids area (from the left) you walked into the "artist's studio" with items that you might find in a painter's studio (kid-proofed of course).

This was a fun little activity where we laminated lots of postcards of landscapes and kids/parents had to sort them into different seasons.
I love our museum! And I miss the staff, many of whom I became quite close to. I'll return one day, I'm sure, either as an employee or as a visitor with SoJo at my side.

Great work Lauren, Amy and Jane! I'll take more photos next time.
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  1. What a perfect creative job! Very cool. And I bet the kids love it, too.

  2. What a delightful place to work or to spend hours visiting. I am a huge fan of Impressionism. I adore the photos of you two.

  3. Aw... what a pull in two directions , huh?
    What a nice place to take Soren and I'm sure the girls doted all over him!

  4. I would love to visit a museum like that! What a cool job!

  5. It was so good to see you yesterday! I believe this transformation cost a grand total of $140. Which is shockingly low. It's almost a thrill to see what you can reuse, repurpose, repaint, whatever. I can only imagine the creative stuff you could do with like $2, you crafty devil. See you soon!

  6. I so love museums! I would visit every one if I could.

  7. Ok, sorry to re-comment. Now that I take a closer look at your version of the Impressionist Artways, you had some really cool activities! Darn, we could have uhhh..."revisited" some of them. I especially like sorting the landscapes.

  8. Wow, I wish we had a great art museam geared toward kids near us. We totally don't.

    Also, you cropped Arty out of the picture; I want to see him! :)

  9. Impressionism is my favorite! I learned so much about it while studying french in high school and college! Love it!!!!!!

  10. That's my dream job! I took several museum classes in college, and as a result, I often spend more time looking at the exhibit displays than the actual art! Your exhibits were so creative! Where is this museum?

  11. Rebecca, the museum is in Allentown, PA.


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