February 26, 2009

Child of the 80s

If you're a child of the 80s like I am, you might remember the Garbage Pail Kids. Whenever I'd get a dollar from my grandparents or find some change in the couch, I'd go down to the local convenience store, The Food Bag, and buy a pack of those cards.

Yesterday I was cleaning out the glove box in the car when I was visiting my parents and SoJo was napping, and I found an old travel Scrabble game, which I must have made its way into the car from one of our road trips. It was mine when I was a kid. For kicks, I opened it and found this inside
It's Pollutin' Newton! I had to post this because I think I should make him the unofficial mascot of Green and Clean Week here next week.

I found this website that helps you find the card that is closest to your name. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the picture so you have to do a search on the card to see what it looked like. I was always disappointed that there was no Kathleen, only Catty Kathy, which looked like an even more obese Garfield, and since I already had body image issues, I never pinned Catty Kathy to my bulletin board.

Does anyone out there remember these? Which one was your favorite?


  1. It must have been so much fun re-discovering the old game and cards!

  2. I had quite a collection back in the day! I wish I still had them!

  3. I've heard of them but I'm a tad older than you so I missed the fun. But do I remember there was a little plastic garbage pail of candy that was part of the line? I'm probably remembering something entirely different but the garbage pail thing called out to me.

  4. Oh how fun ~ Perfect timing for you to find this as you will be starting your Green and Clean week! I think that's a great idea to use him as the mascot!

  5. We had SO many!! I remember my sisters and I would walk to 7-11 and spend all of our hard earned money on Garbage pail kids and candy cigarettes. LMAO ...

    One summer day in particular I was waiting on our steps {a set of cement steps leading to the path to our house}. I got SO excited when I saw my sisters coming around the corner of the block that I actually fell down the cement steps and split my upper lip open. I have an itty bitty scar there. All because of Garbage Pail Kids. Ahh, memories.

    Mine was Tearin' Erin ...

  6. Yeah Kath, Im with E on this one. I was graduating high school and starting college so I missed it too. The name sounds vagely familiar though.

    Love and Prayers,


  7. Oh my!!! I remember Garbage Pail Kids LOL!!!!! I loved them! That must have sent you down memory lane when you found it.

  8. Can you believe we still have them? My husband saved his!

  9. GPK are what got my hubby & I started on ebay. We made a fortune selling his brothers collections, then buying & reselling back in early 2000. It was a lot of fun because we both collected them as kids!


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