March 1, 2009

It's Green and Clean Week!

Now that March has arrived, many of our thoughts turn to longer days, warmer weather, and spring cleaning--whether we enjoy doing it or not. In previous centuries, spring was a time when bedding was shaken out, rugs were beaten to remove the dirt and dust, and dwellings were swept top to bottom. We still do the same around our homes, albeit with many more convenient tools and supplies.

But when you really consider what's in a lot of the cleaning products that we use, are we really keeping our bodies clean of chemicals and synthetic ingredients? Of course heavy duty cleansers may kill germs and scour away dirt more easily, but at what cost?

We often think of our bodies as temples or refer to the phrase "you are what you eat," but couldn't the same apply to our homes? We spend so much time inside of them, walking barefoot on carpeting, touching and preparing food on its surfaces, soaking in its bathtub, and catching our babies chewing on its windowsills and crawling on its floors, that it would be impossible not to say "you are where you live" too. And wouldn't you want to live in something with as few chemicals as possible?

This week I'll be focusing on all kinds of tips and tricks on cleaning with greener materials, from my BFFs baking soda and vinegar, to some more commercial cleansers from eco-friendly companies. And to sweeten the deal, I'll be having double giveaways each day from our wonderful sponsors.

So roll up your shirt sleeves, grab the mop and scouring brush, and let's get clean!


  1. Great intro - it's so true. I could definitely improve in this area...

  2. I am excited. I cannot believe how far behind I am in the blogging world. :(


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