April 21, 2009

Earth Day Confession

I may just be the only green-leaning blogger not going all out for Earth Day.
To be honest, it's pure laziness masked as busy-ness. Well, ok, it is busyness, and not having time to post something really inspiring and creative. I still have one day left though!

I do try to live Earth Day every day, and I have seen some buzz about Grist.org's Screw Earth Day, which offers the opinion that Earth Day is a crock, that it takes more than just one day to attone for our sins toward the earth. While I can sympathize with that P.O.V., I believe that any amount of green lovin' toward the earth is good. Baby steps, people, are better than no steps. So I applaud all of you mamas and papas out there who are starting to make changes in your routines to help our earth. Everything helps!
Our Earth Day plans are simple: we'll be trying to spend some time outdoors, depending on the weather, and doing our everyday routine of recycling, using green cleaning items to clean up the messes, and maybe doing laundry and hanging it on the clothesline (weather permitting, again).

I had high hopes of planting a tree in our yard, but we're looking to put up a fence (we live in town, on a corner near a busy street, which equals danger for SoJo) so the tree will have to wait until we figure out where the fence will go. Our yard is tiny and we need to space the tree far enough from the fence.

Oh, and the photos...they're the flowers that have finally opened up in the front of the house. I love daffodils and their smell. It reminds me of the hundreds of them that grew in our yard as a kid. I once picked nearly all of them, thining my mom would love such a huge bouquet. I can tell you she was not as pleased as I thought she'd be, since I only left one or two in the yard.
I also have some Primroses that came back from last year (I thought they were annuals), and of course some pansies that I planted last month for some early color.

So what are your plans for Earth Day? Is your community doing anything special?


  1. Your photos are beautiful!

    We are not going all out for Earth day either, because well, it's kind of Earth day everyday at our house! Plus, I don't think my kids would understand it yet, so we will probably celebrate next year. :)

  2. I'm not going all out for Earth Day either. I kind of feel like I should have, but I didn't plan ahead early enough so I will just participate in everyone elses I guess!

    Beautiful pics!

  3. Our poor daffodils ate it in the weird ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago. But thankfully our strawberries look like they're blossoming again. We already had some asparagus from the garden and yesterday we planted a bunch of rhododendrons. "We" meaning Bob, of course... Roo and I picked 'em out, though!

  4. I'm not going all out or doing anything either...I'm doing just like you said--baby steps! I still have a lot to learn!

    Love your photos!

  5. I love daffodils! My childhood home had tons!

    I'm too tired to do a big shebang for Earth Day. Give Mama a break, manufactured holidays!

  6. Beautiful flowers. I have no idea what we are doing, I am certain the twins have plans, they just are not home yet to let me know what they are.

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous! We're not doing much for Earth Day tomorrow either. We went to the zoo this past weekend for their "party for the planet" but that was a disaster. Just think of two 2 year olds screaming their heads off the.entire.time. Yeah, not fun.

  8. I know that my children have plans at their school. For us at home it is an everyday thing, Taking steps everyday. As for myself I will be having minor eye surgery. Who knows maybe my eyes will become green instead of blue-lol.

  9. I am completely with you about making every day earth day, but I am a teacher, and a Life Science teacher at that, and feel sorta obligated to do something... So I have stretched Earth Day to Earth Week, which is a two week project LOL in which students must try a new action/lifestyle change which could possibly have a positive effect on the environment and report on their experiences. It's our big Thing for 7th grade. If anyone cares, you can see our progress at http://www.mrsnortonsscienceblog.blogspot.com

    But, my leadership kids also have a plan - at lunch time we are doing a Battle of the Bottles taste test to see if anyone can tell the difference between store bought bottled water and brita-filtered tap water. (-:


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