April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

While I haven't put together any great plans for Earth Day, I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorite green posts from the past year.
  • I love using my homemade baby wipes, since they're both safe on my son's bum, and on the earth's too!
  • My homemade laundry detergent is worth the elbow grease of shredding the Fels-Naptha soap. Try it out yourself, and free the rivers and streams of phosphates.
  • Reusing Newspaper in some creative ways
  • Joining a local food CSA
  • And of course, drying your clothes on the clothesline, which I haven't necessarily devoted a post to, but I talk about it all the time!
Enjoy your Earth Day, wherever on Earth you may be!


  1. It's so windy and dusty here, I can't imagine hanging clothes out to dry!

  2. You are one crunchy green mama! Go girl!

  3. Excellent ideas Kathleen. If I hung my laundry outside it would be covered in bird poop. :(

    My family belongs to a CSA, we love it and look forward to it every spring!

  4. Happy Earth Day! Pretend that we are going out for organic, fair trade coffee to celebrate... :)

  5. My greenest commitment is our membership to the food coop. I have to work 3 hrs a month but it is worth it to support local organic farmers. Happy Earth Day my friend. Don't miss my one-day only contest to celebrate:


  6. If I can be at least a shade of the green you are... I love your ideas & I try very hard to do what I can.

    Kathleen - Thank you so much for your supportive comments on my post today. It helps so much to know that I am not the only one. You are the greatest you know? You do so much to support other bloggers and I hope you know how wonderful you are!

  7. happy earth day! so glad to hear you dry your clothes outside too. I'm the only one in my neighborhood to do so, and I think my neighbors think I'm weird, but I don't care. :)


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