April 8, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: The Forsaken

It's tough being a cat, especially one who shares his digs with a 1 year old.
You spend most of your time behind bars...
...or circling the house, looking for a kid-free zone.

Oscar was my "baby" before I had a baby, and sadly, his position in the household has dropped to the lowest rung. He's the sweetest cat too, which makes me feel bad that I don't lavish him with attention like I used to.

It's not that I don't still love him, I just don't have time for him. When I sit down for a moment, he's instantly wanting my lap. Frankly, by that time, I'm sick of holding beings!

It's nothing that a little catnip...
Or snuggling on my robe won't cure. At least temporarily.
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  1. He looks a lot like my Ceasar cat! Poor Ceasar doesn't live the plush life he used to live now that the G-man is around. And of course the G-man loves to hug/tackle Ceasar which doesn't please him either!

  2. Piewackett is curled up on my desk in front of my monitor, right now. It's her favorite snuggle spot!

  3. i love it--my cat milo--he passed away last year--was a brown tabby too. He was my baby until Ethan was born. Those pics of him behind bars are hilarious and adorable!

  4. Oh, he's such a handsome cat too! And he loves that catnip lol my goodness. Hopefully our cats understand, I like to think they do.

  5. I have that EXACT problem. I have a 12 year old cat how was my baby, my shadow, you get the idea. Until 3 months ago.
    Very cute pictures.

  6. What a beautiful cat! He looks like my mom's cat Calvin. Is he a Mancoon? (did I spell that right? lol)

  7. Poor kitty..... time for a nap :)

  8. Poor Oscar.
    My cat peed on everything in the house and then ran away when Jonas was born.
    Oscar is a good boy.

  9. Poor guy...hopefully he will be happier later on, when Soren is old enough to give him the attention he's currently missing!

  10. Poor Little guy.

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  11. If he would tolerate my dog they could commiserate together...poor "only pets" when a baby comes along!

  12. What a pretty kitty. I'm sure he will beging to get more attention from your little guy soon and they will be friends! : )

  13. It's amazing how the pets get shifted to the bottom rung of the importance ladder once the kidlets start coming. :) He still looks so well cared for though! :)

  14. He looks like Skitz, one of ours.
    When Soren gets older, they'll get along famously I'll bet and then it will all have been worth the wait.

  15. Aww. Look at those pleading eyes :)

    Well they just have to accept their rightful place in the human chain sometimes :)


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