April 29, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Weird Lullabys and the Human Beatbox

Now that I'm a flippin' Flip owner, I can't stop recording SoJo doing weird and funny stuff. I'll spare you the minutes of sappy video that only Mr. Geek and I get misty over, since I don't want to be one of those dullards who pull out photos of their kids at every turn.

Recently, Mr. Geek came across some ethereal animations from Metronome Films set to folk music and SoJo was intrigued. The Turkish one is particularly beautiful, as seen here

SoJo loves watching Chukchi Lullaby and the image of the pregnant polar bear gliding across the screen. Here's his reaction

And on a totally different theme, some plain old human beatbox courtesy of this blogging dork

I must have done that 15 times that day, always with the same reaction from him, flapping his hands like a lazy bird.
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  1. I wish we could have our dancing fools get together...

  2. Did he say "Bear" in the polar bear clip?? It sure did sound like it!

    And in the Beat Box, I think he was "waving his hands in the air like he just don't care". That is exactly what he is supposed to do.

  3. These are all fantstic Kathleen! I am so glad you are able to record Soren. I wish I had been able to capture my children on film, I still wish that.

    Thank you for sharing these. :)

  4. Oh get that boy a set of drums!
    Maybe a friend could send them if his mom won't give him drums. And cymbals too!


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