May 20, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: The Garden

I spent most of this past weekend tidying up the garden and planting, which I was so excited about since it's really been 2 years since I've focused on it due to being tiredly pregnant in '07 and preoccupied with an infant in '08.
May and June are by far my favorite gardening months, because so many of my favorite perennials are in bloom (peonies, irises, hydrangeas, columbine), and the plants aren't looking so spent and straggly like they do in August.

I need to get some mulch to neaten things a bit more, but all in all, it's lookin' good.
It's funny how much purple I have in way of flowers in our back flower bed. Lots of lavender, like in the above photo, because it's drought and heat resistant, and also purple salvia. I can't wait for my foxglove to bloom in the next few weeks. Did you know it's used for heart medication?
On the front porch, I have some pots that I fill with coleus and impatients for the shady spot near the door
and geraniums, sweet potato vine, and grasses for the sunnier side. You can't beat geraniums for a classic feel on a porch. Plus they're so easy to care for and last into the fall.
I also add them into the hanging baskets, along with purple sweet potato vine, which will be cascading out of the baskets in a month or so.
And the best part of the garden? Well having fun in the grass of course, even if the lawn is only the size of an envelope (ha, you thought I was going to say postage stamp!).
Finally, the kind of photo that I've been trying to take! And no, we don't usually dress SoJo in Polo was a gift!

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  1. That pic of your son is adorable! My garden has also been ignored due to pregnancy in 08 and 09 isn't looking better!

  2. Pretty flowers.I just got my foxglove planted this weekend along with a lollipop plant. Still need to do the hollyhocks and lily of the valleys.
    The weather is so odd that it's difficult to get anything done outdoors.

    Gardening is such a wonderful way to spend the day, isn't it?

  3. What lovely pictures. I love irises! Aww I cannot wait to have a garden to tend to. And as I was scrolling through the pictures, I almost jumped when I saw him at the end! Such a cutie!

  4. The garden pictures are great, but that last picture of your son is priceless!

  5. Oh my goodness, the last photo of Soren is adorable. I cannot believe how he has grown!
    Your flowers are beautiful. We have a lot of the same plants. I was pulling Lemon Balm away from my Lavender yesterday evening.

  6. Pretty! I love spring flowers and such. I forgot to plant any coleus this year and it's so wonderful. Guess I still could...

    Love that belly-laughin' baby at the end! ; )

    P.S. Got the SKOY cloths and I love them! Thank you!

  7. Beautiful... and that last one gave me the giggles too!

  8. Great pictures.

    Want to come work on my garden? I love the outcome of a beautiful garden but I'm too lazy/busy with an infant/don't like dirt to do it myself.

  9. I was getting edgy about the garden pics, because I wanted a SoJo fix... the plants are gorgeous and all but that boy giggling is like sunshine! Look at all those chompers, too!!!

  10. Everything looks beautiful so far...especially in your beautiful photos! :)

  11. Those are some great garden pictures. I haven't spent as much time as I would have liked in my garden the past 2 years for the same reasons as you, but I intend to do more gardening this summer.

  12. Love this time of year. The last picture of your son is fantastic!

  13. Great pictures! And what a cutie!

  14. Those are beautiful flowers! I have a few of the same in my yard - I really love the Coleus. The purple Salvia are lovely too.

    Foxglove is sooooo poisonous - I think they are pretty, but just cannot bring myself to put them in my yard. Same with Datura...

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous flowers!

  15. You garden? Is there anything you can't do? :)

  16. Beautiful photos. I envy those that garden. I really need to pick that hobby up. These photos are lovely.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  17. I love that pic of your son!

    I wish I had a green thumb. All I have in my yard is weeds. And geckos.

  18. Sojo looks adorable in his polo! Don't be ashamed! :)

  19. I love your garden and your pretty happy baby.

    I need a boot to get out and start my pots! Oy!


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