June 2, 2009

All Videos End This Way

When do kids cease trying to grab the camera when they notice it's there? Also, I need to stop laughing while filming--it creates too much camera-palsy.


  1. I love it when he claps and then is proud of clapping so he claps some more... so adorable!

  2. I get annoyed by the sound of my own laughing in home videos too. It doesn't help that my laugh it so dumb, HUR HUR HURRRR!

    Maybe it is all in how you hold the camera. Have you tried to shoot from the hip? Maybe he won't notice as quickly.

  3. Awww, keep the laughter...just get a tripod! :)

  4. Omgosh he is so cute! I love it! and yes this is how all baby videos end...wait all home vids that is :)


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