June 18, 2009

Friday Feast: Bounty from the Co-op

I've mentioned like a million times here about the local organic farm collective that we've joined. It's really made me get off my ass and start cooking some recipes outside of my usual repertoire.

This week I turned our first share into a few spectacular meals, including fresh sugar snap pea soup and awesome eggless dinner rolls (I substituted Smart Balance for the butter in the recipe).
Honestly, the soup looked a lot brighter in real life. The lighting is not so good, and it has literally rained the last 10 days around here.

Since I was stumped about what to make with the kale, which quite honestly, is not a favorite of mine, my friend Shana shared with me a recipe she picked up in her years of living in Spain. It is so simple and so delicious, and involved kale, potatoes (how can one not love anything with carbs), onion and garlic.

Rather than boiling the potatoes like she suggested, I quarted them, tossed them with herbs from my garden and salt and pepper, and drizzled them with olive oil.
I baked them for 45 minutes at 375 degrees. While they were cooking, I sauteed the chopped kale and some swiss chard that I didn't realize was in our share (it was hidden with the lettuce) in a little olive oil with onion and garlic. Then you just serve the potatoes topped with the kale.Add a simple salad and you have a wonderful summer meal.
I love how inspiring the CSA produce has been. It really gives me a respect of what I'm eating, and how it came to my plate. I really hope the motivation continues for the rest of the summer.

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  1. Awesome job! That looks so much prettier than mine.

  2. This is beautiful! Your bean and broccoli salad doesn't look exactly "simple"! ;)

  3. So, you're bringing a hot plate so you can cook for me at BlogHer, right?

  4. Geez Kathleen. It's like restaurant fare. Kinda makes my ham hocks and butterbeans pale in comparison. Actually, I lied about the ham hocks but I have made butter beans.
    Ta Ta!

  5. oooh I like the Kale and Potatoes recipe. I meant to send you some of my Kale recipes and of course forgot. I am going to try mine with potatoes. :)


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