June 12, 2009

Local Goodness

The much awaited cardboard box arrived in my kitchen at lunchtime.
We ordered a medium share of produce from our local organic farm, and this was the first week of the farm's bounty. Here's what we got:
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Red Russian Kale, Swiss Chard, Sugar Snap Peas, Broccoli, Summer squash, Patty Pan squash, one Goede squash (looks like an unripe pumpkin) and Potted Herbs (common sage and German winter thyme). Yes, I had to add the fancy names because they're just so charming. Oh, and those peonies are from my garden, not the co-op.

So I'm in need of some great recipes for kale, Goede squash, and patty pan squash, which I've never cooked before. Suggestions?


  1. I bet you could use any kind of recipe for "green" to cook the kale.

    Patty pan squash is cute, I have never cooked it either but I have this beautiful recipe in a vegetarian cookbook for stir fried young spring veggies, and there is a tiny young patty pan squash in the picture.
    If it was me I would do the old stand bye of over roasting for 30 minutes with olive oil and the seasoning of choice. :)

  2. I'm terrible about cooking squashes too. My guys just love to play with them. We have a little basket (like a flower-gathering basket I guess), and every once in a while I fill it full of ugly squashes. They love to sort them into bumpy/smooth, big/small, round/thin, curvy/straight and, of course, pretend they are telephones. LOL

  3. Wow, so beautiful! I am jealous- the CSA I finally located here has yet to return my email. They sent me a price sheet and asked for my phone number but nothing since I replied...

  4. Yours looks a lot like mine! Thee are oodles and oodles of Kale recipes, so I have no doubt you will have trouble finding some you like. I have never had those two types of squash so I would definitely need to google those. Does your CSA provide you with recipes and cooking suggestions? Mine does, for which I am eternally grateful since last year was the first time Kale had ever entered my house.

    Your Peonies are lovely. Mine are done for the year. :(

  5. You can par-boil the kale and then drain it and saute it with onion and garlic, then serve it over some smashed boiled pototos (boil them with the kale, above) drizzle all with olive oil and sale and pepper. You can skip boiling the kale, but it's a tougher green, and it will be a little crunchy, still, I think. This recipe, above, is my standby for kale and collards.

  6. we get a box of produce too--love it!

  7. I have a recipe for Kale chips on my blog under Meatless Monday super yummy taste kinda like potato chips but way healthy!


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