June 11, 2009

Random Thursday Evening Thoughts

Nutty Mr. Geek says he wishes they made a candle of how our living room smells at the moment. Musty and reminiscent of cheap magazines, like the Wrestlemania ones he used to read as a kid.
The source of the smell is a package that came today, the contents of which were wrapped in newspaper, and it's now raining again, so everything smells heavy and papery. He says he'd call the scent "Foyer at Barnes and Noble." He savors the smell of books, my charming weirdo.

And in other randomly exciting news, we get our first box of veggies from the co-op tomorrow! Can't wait!


  1. LOL Wrestlemania. Hey! There's Andre the Giant...aww he was my favorite :)

    Ooh co-op veggies ... Mmm we still need to sign up for a local co-op. In talking with Jennifer, I found we have quite a few local ones!

  2. That's funny...I would enjoy a "foyer at Barnes & Noble" candle!

  3. Haha. Barnes and Nobel. Haha.

    Hey is one of these pictures Mr. Geek in his body building days? I've seen something like that on another blog.

  4. yea...I'm not sure that candle would be a real big seller. My daugher loves the smell of books also.

  5. Yup, it's Andre. Such a big cuddlebug he was.
    Oh I did so love these magazines, even more so than Seventeen magazine.

    I agree with Mr. Geek, to have a home that smells of books is indeed a treasure. Well, books and Mama Katydid's cookies.

  6. I love the smell of books!
    We just received our second shipment from our CSA and it doubled in size from last week! We have enough salad greens and fixings to make salads for all and a stir fry. :)


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