June 4, 2009

A Shocking Discovery

Who knew that some of the best sweets could be created out of desperation and a near-empty pantry?

We've been cutting back on the desserts around here (Mr. Geek has lost 20lbs, me, not so much. Let's say I'm back to my pre-baby weight though, which was by no means slim), so I try not to keep cakes and such around. But I was dying for some chocolate, and since I'm not partial to Mr. Geek's "dessert" of 8 semi-sweet chocolate chips, I had to resort to this:
And believe me, there were a few more cookies on that plate prior to the photo. I just didn't want to appear swine-like.

Don't you love that I've resorted to the baby cookie stash too? Well, at least their organic, hmmph!

Of course, everything tastes better with Nutella. Amy even told me of a local diner where they serve Nutella French Toast. Forget maple syrup!

Now, what are your guilty pleasures? And by the way, did you VOTE FOR ME today? Swiffer Cleanest Blog category...vote every day! I {heart} my readers!


  1. LOL sounds like something I would do

    not a nutella fan but I heart PB Loco chocolate banana peanut butter put on a graham cracker!

  2. Never had Nutella My guilty pleasure is ice cream. I have to keep it out of the house though now because it doesnt bode well with losing weight!

  3. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. They look quite acceptable while staring down the face of the choco monster.

    Um...it's cupcakes for me, thank you. I have never had a problem with weight until this past year. I think I gained about ten lbs over the winter. Surely it wasn't the cupcakes.

  4. thx for reminding me to vote..and reminding me i have oreos downstairs!!! THANKS A LOT!!!

  5. Hello! You've been tagged.
    Check out the fun at the IE Mommy - http://iemommy.wordpress.com/2009/06/04/ive-been-tagged/

  6. We love Nutella too over here!
    I just voted for you, looks like you're in the lead already, good luck!

  7. My guilty pleasures Vanilla wafers! Oh and whitmans sampler chocolates:) I'm trying to not buy sweets. dh does though.

    Oh and didn't know i could vote everyday! I'm on it boo.

    I'm lol @ swine like.

  8. I love Nutella!! We just ran out of it and I am so sad!

  9. Nutella is fantastic on many, many things. :)
    Yes I did indeed vote for you today.

  10. Have to say I have hit-up the same cookies and they are good! I once ate the whole jar of Nutella myself-not in one day or anything but just stright off the spoon through about a week. It is yummy!

  11. Yep - I've been voting for you daily!

    You don't appear "swine like" lol. But it is amazing what one can come up with out of sheer desperation! My son loves Nutella too. I have never tried it-if you can believe that!

  12. I bought the off-brand hazelnut/chocolate spread because it was on sale and... ick. Go with the Nutella, I say.

    The eight chocolate chips thing is crazy talk! I couldn't do it. Nope.

  13. That's so funny. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

  14. Kathleen,

    I'm passing on an award to you. You can pick it up here: http://myfourmonkeysproductreviews.blogspot.com/2009/06/kreativ-blogger-me.html


  15. I've tried the chocolate chip thing, but I eat WAY more than 8. and i often eat it with pretzels.

    I've never tried nutella before...looks good though =)


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