June 3, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Church Business

As I mentioned in a post from earlier this week, we were at a dedication ceremony this weekend. It was at a really interesting Unitarian Universalist Church, which I really liked because of its message of inclusiveness for all peoples and religions.
Mr. Geek and SoJo brooding in the church

Having been raised as a strict church-every-Sunday Catholic, I was pretty turned off to churches by the time I was, like 7. Something about the old priest going on and on in the sermon, and that awful church singing made me not want to go to church. I spent time looking at the backs of ladies' hairstyles (and not very good ones, mind you) and reimagining what the alter would look like with a painting of Three Mile Island rather than the crucifixion.

At the time, I thought I was just lazy, but now I realize that that sort of church service just didn't have a connection to a curious child (no offense to my Catholic readers!). Maybe I would have felt differently had I been raised Lutheran or Quaker.

After the dedication ceremony, we spent some time outside the church, keeping SoJo occupied until the accompanying luncheon.
Mr. Geek made a poignant observation: "We'll have to tell SoJo's future girlfriend that he was the kind of little boy who liked to hit flowers." I've written it here for posterity.
So true. He was doing that in the above photo.

The best part for SoJo...bicycles! Taking third place behind motorcycles and buses, the bicycle is one of SoJo's favorite things. Fortunately for him, our region is a hotspot for professional bicycling and to his delight, we were able to see an Italian bicycle team whiz by our stroller just last week.

Such a weird post. Churches to bicycles. It has to be Wordful Wednesday. For more less weird Wednesday posts, visit


  1. I love Sojo's wee little sweater vest! And your shoes are cool too!

    Although I do think you should not be the anonymous mom in the bicycle photo, how is it that the seat is hiding your face exactly??

  2. I haven't been good at keeping up in church on Sundays. Nice reminder. :D

    I wanted to see your pretty face too and yeah, your shoes rocks! :D

  3. Sojo sounds like a normal little boy to me. Cars, trucks, and bikes. What a cutie he is!

  4. We must have been at the same Catholic church growing up because I know EXACTLY what you mean hehehe!

  5. Jasper was gleefully stomping on new plants today, much to my chagrin. And even though he's still barely verbal, he saw Tony Hawk on TV and stopped what he was doing and went "whoa, cool!"

    What is it about boys?

  6. Oh Soren looks so adorable. I love his outfit! I think this was a brilliant WW!

  7. he is at that age of curiosity
    he is adorable

  8. He looks so sweet in his little churchin' clothes!

  9. I've always been a bit intrigued by the Unitarian Universalist Church - perhaps because I'm part of a mixed faith marriage.

    I liked your weird Wordful Wednesday post! It's a good parallel to life with little kids, which is always that random.

  10. LOL, "liked to hit flowers..." That's so funny!

  11. I wish there was a Unitarian church within reasonable driving distance for us... I shot a wedding at one a few years ago and I loved it.

    Cute baby!

  12. Sojo is adorable in that outfit! I too grew up Catholic and I thought I hated it. But my then I went to my husband's church and everyone wanted to talk to me and I felt so "invaded." He said this was a "community" and I just wanted to run and hide! :) Guess I am comfortable being Catholic afterall?

    I will have to seek out a Unitarian Church and check it out.

  13. Can I just zoom in on the bicycles too :) I just learned again to ride one the other day. It was awesome. I WANT ONE. I haven't ridden a bike since I was 10!!!!

    Glad your family had a great time at church and luncheon


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