June 17, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Trampoline Time

We saw it behind the tent and amplifiers of the middle-aged rock duo, playing oldies at the graduation party--the trampoline!
With La Bamba playing loudly in the background, SoJo took his first steps onto a trampoline at my aunt and uncle's house.
With my dad helping him keep his balance, he ran in circles and bounced to the music.
That is, until the kids showed up.
He took it in stride though, and got back up for more fun.
When the trampoline+kids proved to be too much, he hitched a ride in a land-locked fishing boat. No sea legs required.
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  1. Some of my best memories growing up are jumping on our trampoline. Such great shots of him this week!

  2. Cute pictures! I really like the last one!

  3. Adorable! He is really growing up fast.

  4. He looks so adorably perplexed in that first photo. What's even better though is that he got right back up after being tossed.

  5. Very cute :-) Love the shirt, my dd is a sophomore at Penn State...lol.

  6. Another of his first. So precious huh. He definitely had fun. And surely the older kids usually knock em off their feet one too many times. lol

    Now I want a trampoline.

    Did I mention he is adorable?

  7. I cannot believe how big he has gotten! I know I see his pictures here often, it is just fun to watch. He does look apprehensive about the trampoline, yet was a brilliant sport about it. It looks as though he loves boats. :)

  8. It looks like basically it got the thumbs up!

  9. That looks like great fun:-)

  10. That last photo is adorable! The trampoline looks like a lot of fun too!


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