July 1, 2009

SoJo's No Good, Awful. Very Bad Morning

Where do I start? Shots. Some little person needed shots and a check-up today at the pediatrician. No problem. Despite 2 shots, a lot of wailing, and one blood-drawing lead test, he was a trooper.

So then I get the bright idea to make a quick stop in the department store next to the Ped's office. Fine. Get some shorts for the Mister, head out. SoJo was overdue for his nap and was getting a little punchy so I let him walk. He spots a ground light (he's obsessed with lights at the moment, and walks around pointing and saying "lie, lie" all the livelong day) and walks over to it. Meanwhile, there's a stump from an old bush poking up out of the ground that he trips on, and lands head first onto the metal corner of the light box, gashing his head between the eyes. Yikees!
(totally a coincidence that he's holding his "band aid" truck in this shot)
I was pretty calm through this whole thing, and the second that I saw him trip, I knew what was going to happen. When I picked him up, he had a small gash that was literally pouring blood down his face, all over him and me. And of course screaming bloody hell! I pulled out a baby wipe from my purse, stupidly considering for a second that it would mop up his face, but then I used a crumpled bunch of them to try to stop the bleeding. A nice gentleman came up and helped me out, by putting pressure on the would, while I gathered my things and my composure and walked him right back to the doctor's office.

Thankfully, they took him in, rather than having me go to the ER. I wasn't sure if they were prepared for these sorts of events, since I usually just see sick kids or healthy kids there for wellness visits. But they brought him back to one of the patient rooms, along with the interns and other students, since they probably don't get to see this kind of drama in that clinic.

SoJo was of course, red-faced and crying, and it was nearly impossible to hold him still. They decided his gash wasn't deep enough for stitches, so the doctor (whom we LOVE, by the way) chose to use glue to bind it back up. His cut was already clotting by the time I brought him there anyway.

The funny and sad thing was that they had to bring out a velcro papoose-thingy to restrain him. Since they were working with glue around his eyes, they wanted to be extra careful that it didn't spill into them. What a site! Not only was he screaming about being restrained and fighting it with all his might, but they had to put two gauze eyepatches over his eyes, just to be sure they didn't glue them shut. Oi! My poor baby. I was pretty calm, though, and it's weird that whenever he's crying from shots or pain, I have this urge to laugh. It's more of a nervous laugh than a malicious one though.

Once they let him out of the straight jacket (I should have asked where one could buy one of those for personal use---just kidding!), he immediately started pointing up to the lights (lie, lie!). I knew he was ok.

Poor little guy was so exhausted from the shots and the whole ordeal, that he fell asleep on the way home and slept 3 hours. When he awoke, he was his happy self. I let him play with a watermelon, since I felt so bad.
He loved it! Melon is another of his favorite words. And I turned on the ceiling fan, complete with lights, which he loves looking at...
And of course, a peanut butter and banana sandwich will help anyone feel better. Just ask Elvis.
Scratch that thought, since Elvis didn't turn out so well in the end. But my little guy, he's gonna be just fine.


  1. Oh my goodness. This sounds like such a nightmare! I always love coming over to your blog because I just adore the title : ) It is so clever and it always makes me smile!

  2. oh my what a day! So glad he didn't need the stitches! It sounds like your little fella keeps you on your toes!

  3. Aw... bad day. It was a bad here as well but no one smashed their face on a stump, thankfully.
    Good thing they're durable!
    Mom will need to get to bed early tonight after all that.

  4. Oh, no! Poor SoJo. And poor mama! Scary for you but glad it was so convenient to the doctor's office...

  5. what a stressful day--so awful when they get hurt!! glad he's doing better

  6. So sorry to hear about it!! Make sure and keep him out of the sun!! I was in the same boat last week with Tyler!!


  7. oh the poor kid - my daughter had that glue once on her lower lip - she fell and bite a hole right through her lip - what an ordeal! I feel for you!

  8. Oh Kathleen! Nightmare indeed!
    Deeds cut is toe somehow when he fell off of (a very very short) retaining wall yesterday. I could hardly deal with that bloody mess. I can't imagine the fear and anxiety of a head/face injury!
    I did like the part in the story about the stranger holding pressure on Sojo's wound...what a good man, and I can't believe Sojo let a stranger do that!

  9. First war wound. Now Lili will find him irresistable. That's what scars do for a guy's face. Poor bubby! You must have been a wreck. I would have been.

  10. Oh! The poor little man! Glad he didn't need stitches. He's such a cutie.

    I fight the urge to laugh when Charlie gets her shots too, nervous of course. Last night she managed to pinch her thumb pretty bad with the lid to her toy bin, that was no fun. Then minutes later pinched her pinky finger in a cardboard cd case {that one still boggles me}. Talk about a rough one.

  11. Poor little guy! Sounds like quite the ordeal. Glad that it ended well.

  12. O U C H ! Poor little guy! What a day!

    Hope today is better for him!

  13. Oh poor SoJo and poor mommy - I know how scary all that is. My kids have had plenty of no-good awful days and we did the baby straight jacket board when my oldest was 8 months old. No fun at all.

    Congrats for making it through it!

  14. Poor little guy. He was such a tropper for his shots. I'm glad he didn't need stitches.

  15. Wow...brought back memories of DS1's trip to the ER last week for stitches.

    but glad SoJo didn't need stitches.

    and don't you think it's nice that once the scary parts are over, they go back to being a happy little kid again without any worries (the parents still do all the worrying).


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