August 25, 2009

Africa Comes to PA Dutch Country

Our weekend was pretty eventful around our small town. We spent Saturday night drumming in the park, led by some master drummers from Ghana.
Sponsored by Bamboula, LTD, a wonderful company that I've worked with via my blog in the past, the drumming was amazing, and I'm regretful that I forgot my video camera at home, if only to be able to share the sounds created by the drummers and the audience. In addition to being drummers, the two Ghanian men are also accomplished Kente cloth weavers.
The first half an hour was devoted to children, and it was great seeing the kids sitting along the stage in our town's bandshell, making music with borrowed drums and tambourines.
SoJo was a bit overwhelmed by the intensity and vibration of the drumming. But he got over his trepidation towards the end of the children's drum circle, and was beating on the drum. Oh, he loved the beating part, and whacked my fingers a few times.
He was also possessed by the spirit of the dance,
as were many of the performers. I loved that guy in the hat, he was so jovial.The energy of the group was amazing, and indescribable. Thankfully, this will be a yearly event, and will resume again next August when the Ghanian drummers return.

We also spent part of our weekend at a local lake, which had a sandy beach that SoJo loved.
Yep, he's wearing just a cloth diaper, since I forgot to pack his swimsuit. It never fails, forgetting the most essential item in lieu of drinks, an extra change of clothes, and other not-so-necessary accoutrements.

He was content playing in the sand with primitive digging tools
(my little Lord of the Flies child with his driftwood shovel)
But the "surf" wasn't too rough, so he liked walking in and out of the water too.
Ah, summer, dwindling down to cool nights and earlier sunsets.


  1. It must have been awesome to see the drummers!

    I love SoJo's cloth-diaper-at-the-shore look...he could do a photoshoot for the company that made it, LOL!

  2. What a cool show! I bet Jasper and Roo would love that.

  3. How COOL! Oh gosh, I love love that picture of him dancing. That's a great shot :) You can tell it was a fabulous performance, even with just still pictures.

  4. You are getting lots of culture in your life lately!
    I'm kind of jealous! :)

  5. That sounds very interesting and I'm glad they will come back to your town. I would love to attend something like that.

    And look at little man beach bathing :)


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