August 20, 2009

Mr. Geek Takes the Missus on a Date

Have I mentioned that prior to working in Information Technology, Mr. Geek was an artist?
(Not his work, it's a Mark Rothko painting)
Quite enamored with human anatomy, Mr. Geek studied figure sculpture in art school, before dropping out due to financial and philosophical reasons. Let's say that he made a scene during a vaguely-titled class called "Attitudes and Strategies", where students made up mumbo-jumbo performance art-type work. One girl's final project required the class to meet her at the top of a stairwell where she was lying there naked. Leave it to my husband to walk out on a naked woman for philosophical reasons.

But I digress. As a belated birthday present, Mr. Geek wanted to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a place where we spent many a day during our college years (I worked there for a while). So we packed off SoJo with his GG, and headed to the city, which is about an hour and a half away.

After a quick breakfast in the cafe, we headed to the galleries to reminisce about our times at the PMA.

We visited the Asian galleries first, including the replica of a Japanese Tea House,
and Tibetan thangkas.
Then just strolled the museum, though the Medieval section
and on to the European galleries, where I stopped to take a photo in one of the French rooms.The PMA has a wonderful entrance hall, with a huge staircase and an Alexander Calder mobile.
If you stand at the top of the steps and look out the huge front window down the Ben Franklin Parkway, you can see work from 3 generations of Calder artists (father designed the statue of William Penn on City Hall, and grandfather did the Eakins Oval fountain). Curtains were closed on the window today, so I didn't take a photo.

After that, we took a rest, and I admired the Campers that Naomi sent me.
Without boring you with the details, I'm just going to show some of my favorite artworks, which I enjoyed visiting with once again.
a shadow box by Joseph Cornell

Works by Paul Klee, including Fish Magic, below.

Posters by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. Did I ever tell you the tattoo image I want to get someday?

The most charming mother/baby painting I can recall, by Van Gogh.

A painting by John Singer Sargent, whose watercolors I admire immensely

And finally, a pattern by William Morris.

It was quite a day, and so nice to stroll without a stroller and reconnect with my mister. Our 9th (!) anniversary is coming up in October, so we'll have to plan a bigger date for next time. I'm thinking maybe New York?


  1. I always think SoJo looks like you but he is a dead ringer for his dad in that picture! Same profile, same expression... if Mr. Geek had a blonde wig on...

    Glad you had a good day together.

  2. Oh so happy for you two! What a fun date!

  3. Nice to have some grown up time!

  4. Okay, so as soon as I opened this post I thought Hey I know that was on an episode of Mad Men. So I had to Google it and if I was right{I was and it was}! Anyway, it looks like you had a great time...and I so understand what you mean about getting to stroll without a stroller!

  5. What a wonderful date! I so enjoy art. I took a class on french art in college and I've had a deep appreciation since then.

    I can't wait to hear what your anniversary plans will be!

  6. So did you run up the steps Rocky style? That was pretty much our extent of a visit since by the time we all ran up the steps we were tired and thirsty. We left to go get steak subs at Pat's!

    And no. I did not know that Mr. Geek was an artist. I think that being an artist doesn't come and go though, I think it just takes different channels.

    Happy you got to spend a day of Mr. Geek and art.

  7. Mr. Geek's story about art school made me laugh out loud. Naked girl top of the stairs = art(?)
    To each his own I guess. Glad you had a great time. I love that museum as well.

  8. Congrats on your anniversary, and thanks for sharing the art. I don't usually think of Van Gogh art as charming, so now I'm rethinking and reconsidering him. Thanks! (Oh, and I love the reflection picture of you peeking out from behind your camera. You are so cute!)

  9. my feet hurt...i'm going to go soak them for a while...maybe take a nap....but thanks for the trip...sure glad it take us that long to get there. (giggles)

  10. It is so good that you got some alone time with MrGeek. I am sure you needed a little recharge time and the tour was beautiful...thanks for sharing.

  11. What a nice date! I lived in Philly for a year, pretty much across the street from that museum. I would love to go back someday!

  12. I am not a big museum person but this looked like fun - just a nice relaxing day.
    Tomorrow is my anniversary and we will be going without children to a nice breakfast - no NY for us.

    Thanks for sharing this trip - I love that picture with you in it - you look so pretty!

  13. What a fun day sans children : ). I have been driving by the museum so many times this summer and I keep meaning to stop in! On Sundays they have pay what you wish. If I would have seen this earlier I might have put the kids in the car and headed over : )

  14. What a wonderful date! Gotta keep the romance alive.

  15. Why do I feel like sending this off to dh to jog his memory of what date is supposed to be :)

    This is lovely. The photos are lovely, I wish I could see them myself and just walk through also.

    And you look like a curious, pretty school girl peeking in the mirror...of course you aren't peeking but that is how you look :)

    I'm so glad you had a lovely time with the mister.

  16. Great photos :) I love the one of you in the mirror. So pretty! Sounds like a perfect date!!


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