August 3, 2009

Our Weekend in Pictures

We had a lovely time this weekend, even though we stayed at the pool and didn't make it to the beach.
My parents live a few miles inland, and I just couldn't muster the effort to pack up all our gear for the beach when SoJo would probably be ready to leave in 30 minutes. He's fair-skinned, hates wearing a hat, and we don't own a beach umbrella, so I decided just to take him back and forth to the pool in my parents' neighborhood.
He loves the water, and enjoyed climbing the steps. He was a little scared of the baby pool though. I think he feels a bit unstable walking in water.
And me? I've loved water since I can remember, so it was relaxing, at least the times when I wasn't on drown-watch. Mr. Geek let me swim some laps in peace and kept an eye on S.
Still sportin' that staycation beard thing.

SoJo has discovered stones, and will stop immediately when spotting a patch of them. He loves tossing, tumbling, and tasting them.
When we got home yesterday, we remembered that it was our town's annual celebration, which takes place in the nearby park. The day ends with fireworks, so Mr. Geek and I sat on our upstairs balcony (I love writing that), lit some candles, and had a perfect view of the display from our porch swing.
When SoJo gets older, we'll walk over to the park to enjoy the view from below. Much scarier that way.


  1. What a nice staycation! SoJo looks so big these days... looks like everyone had a great time! Party on Miss Kathleen.

  2. What a fun staycation...thanks for sharing your fun pics!

  3. It sounds like the perfect weekend away!

    But seriously...what is it with kids and tasting rocks? I'll never get it...LOL!

  4. OOO, looks like fun! I love the new look on the site!! Hey, I have a query, where did you get those cool sketched share buttons? I love them!

  5. It looks like you had a great time!

  6. What a cutie patootie! Is he wearing Skinz? Oh yea, Greg gets the staycation beard quite frequently, lol. I am hating on your "upstairs balcony"! Staycations rule!

  7. How fun - sounds like the perfect plan. He is awfully cute and sees to enjoy the water!

  8. Kathleen you just had my idea of a perfect day!!

    I am so jealous!

  9. There is rock tasting why not wine tasting...or is it the other way around..? :)

    Love the photos and glad you had a relaxing time.

    Did I mention that I MUST learn to swim!?

  10. great pictures! I am sure Jasper and SoJo would transfer every single stone into the pool from the flower beds. Ugh...

  11. That looks like a peaceful and relaxing time...and that is the whole point, right?! I have the opposite problem with my son at the beach. Once we are there, we cannot get him to leave without a huge {and very loud} tantrum. I dread that tantrum so much, that I don't take him as often as I would like. He loves the beach with reckless abandon!


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