August 31, 2009

Sweet/Sour Weekend

We made another short visit to the beach this weekend, to catch up with some old friends and their daughter, who is 5 months older than SoJo.

Before we left, he got a surprise on our way out to the car when a hot air balloon went over my parents' house.
They seem to launch balloons nearby, as we see them a few times each summer overhead.
SoJo loved it, and for the first hour of our drive, he kept saying "baloo" while scanning the horizon out of the car windows.

Despite the pleasure in hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and watching the kids play and swim, it was quite a headache for me, since SoJo got his first ear infection.

Friday night he went to bed with a slight fever, and by 1am he was screaming in the pack and play, and burning up, that poor little boy. I couldn't believe how hot his skin was to the touch. I gave him some Tylenol, settled him next to me in bed, and he slept a few fitful hours. His fever went down, but around 4, he woke again, crying and hot and pulling at his head. Fortunately my mom was there (Mr. Geek didn't come with us, since he was required to work on Friday since it's the beginning of the semester), so she helped me take him to a nearby 24 hour clinic.

He was ok at the clinic until I had to pee really bad and had to hand him to my mom. Then the wailing began, and it lasted until we walked out the door. Not even a popsicle could sooth him, or all of the stickers that the nurses gave him. I'm thinking he might be starting to associate doctors' offices with shots now, and that he was suspecting that something bad was going to happen under those fluorescent lights.

They checked out SoJo's ears and found that he has a middle-ear infection. Not sure how kids get these, but I'm guessing it may have been from swimming or just laying down in the bathtub, which he likes to do. This is the first time he's been really sick, so I wasn't sure how he'd handle it, or even if he was allergic to penecillan. So far, he's been doing much better with his alternating doses of Tylenol, ibuprophin, and antibiotics.

He's feeling well enough to ruin the photos of the knitting project I nearly finished this weekend.
He insisted that the ball of yarn was a ball for him to throw.
And since being sick means getting to do pretty much anything you want to, I let him play a little while.
It was nothing that 12 hours of sleep couldn't fix (and make that 10 hours for me, since I hardly slept all weekend. Hope your dwindling summer weekend was much more relaxing, and didn't end with a bottle of penecillan in your fridge.


  1. Oh the poor little man... and poor you! I'm glad your mom was there to help you get through that. And I hope he's feeling better soon. Ugh ear infections are the pits!!

  2. Wow...I wonder if it was the same bug Lili fought off? She never got sick, but you know, today she feels a little warm again. I'm going to check her temp when she gets up from her nap.

  3. Aw.... that last picture is just precious. Look at those little teeth.

    Okay, back to the story. Let's hope you're not right about him associating doctors with pain. Of course, they ARE associative but you know.

    So glad he's feeling better and you're home safe and sound. He just snatched up that ball of yarn for his own, didn't he? LOL.

  4. he is so stinking cute, i can't even stand it!

  5. Don't you just hate it when NOTHING you do seems to work!?! He'll be back to his old self in no time...try to stay sane until then!!

  6. Poor baby...hope he gets well soon

  7. Poor little guy. I'm glad he's feeling better.

  8. Geez. It is amazing how fast these things come on. Glad it ended ok. We are off in the country with the kids enjoying the last days before preschool is back in session.

  9. Hope he feels better soon. Did he ate least get the yummy bubble gum medicine? lol I got an ear infection when I was old enough to take pills but begged my doctor to give me the bubble gum stuff lol. I'm sure it's got nasty stuff in it but oh well. ;)

    Also a tip for fevers that sounds weird but has worked great for my hubby that gets super high fevers, take ginger root and boil it in some water for 5-10 minutes or so and then put in a warm bath.

  10. Aww, poor little sick-jo! I hope you can make your rest up!
    You might be the next one to fall if you don't get some sleep! :O

  11. Poor kiddo! I hope he is feeling much better!

  12. what a cute little guy! I hope he gets feeling better soon - and everyone gets back to "normal"! :)

  13. Oh no! I hop he's feeling better now! Poor little guy! :(


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