August 5, 2009

Wordess/Wordful Wednesday: Haircut

While I've trimmed SoJo's hair in the past, it wasn't until this past weekend that he had his first full-fledged haircut.
And he HATED every minute of it.

My mother is one of those Jane-of-all-trades moms, who can bake a pumpkin cheesecake, sew you a Halloween costume, lift an adult out of bed to change a catheter (she's a nurse, not a freak!), and cut hair.
(She'll kill me if she finds out I posted this photo...shhh!)
I recall the many times she'd be giving my grandma and aunts home perms in the kitchen (thank god those went out of style), and of course cutting my brothers' and dad's hair. And even our cats got clipped when their fur became matted.

That woman has owned so many buzzers over the past 20 years that have gotten her through the crew cuts, mohawks, fades, you name it. So over the weekend, she brought her clippers to the beach house to give my dad a trim. And since I was about to start calling SoJo "ShagO", he desperately needed a cut.

Problem is, he's terrified of the clippers, particularly the noise, even though my mom was just using scissors on him.
That's my mom trimming and my dad trying to keep SoJo still. In retrospect, my mom should have cut my dad's hair after SoJo's, since he wouldn't have even realized the clippers were there.

But of course he made it through, with some effort and quite a few uneven sections of hair, which thankfully aren't noticable due to his thick locks. I would have liked to have trimmed up the back more, but we surrendered to the boy.

The funniest part? My dad has the same cut! Like a little boy's but gray and white. I couldn't get his photo though.

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  1. I like that they both have the same cut! I remember my boys hating having their haircut as well. Now they beg for haircuts.

  2. i so admire your mom--i could never cut my kids' hair!

  3. Gotta love those home perms! :) He looks so much older with his hair cut, but it looks great, and still has some length. :)

  4. Oh, the poor thing! LOL! These will be great memories when he is older!

  5. Awww Poor baby! cute though! Happy WW!

  6. Oh how cute! Great pictures -- We still have a long while before Charlie will need a haircut I think ;)

  7. He looks so sad having his hair cut... poor little guy, but he looks adorable, too. Glad your mom has the patience to do it, I never would.
    Thanks for sharing this great experience.

  8. DH always cuts our sons hair with the clippers and he just screams and screams and screams (so I can relate). One time we sat him in front of the TV to watch a baby einstein DVD and it worked, but it was only that one time.

  9. After Jake literally puked gallons at the haircutters, we decided to do it at home and bought some clippers. (We didn't want to know if they had actually banned us) The first time and he was a screaming, sweaty mess. But for some unknown reason, the second time, he just let us cut it.

    Now, it is Luke's turn... Does your mom do house calls?

  10. I can just picture your father. And why, I would surrender to the boy myself :)

    I love your mom. I think women should be able to be janes of all trades, just because well we do it all anyway :)

  11. poor thing! Jasper was remarkably stoic about his haircut, buzzer and all.

    I love SoJo's new do.


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