February 11, 2010

It's a Marshmallow World: Part 2

There's nothing like a snowstorm that leaves snowdrifts bigger than you, even if you are only 3 feet tall.
Mr. Geek and I were talking about how the old folks always say how they had tons of snow when they were growing up. When reflecting on his childhood, we hope that S doesn't think 2 feet of snow is a regular occurrence around these parts.
We're all dug out, thanks to our neighbor's snow blower. I love how a big snowstorm really brings out the good spirit in people. I baked blueberry muffins yesterday and gave some to the college kids who helped dig us out too, and also to our neighbor. It seems like a good way to get warm and fuzzy inside, besides huddling under a down comforter.
It's nice to see people who barely glance up at each other when coming and going happily helping each other out.
Let's hope though that I am not writing a Marshmallow World: Part 3 post anytime soon!


  1. He looks so cute by that snow, well he looks cute by anything:)

  2. He's really cute and that snowbank is as big as he is!!!

  3. That's so nice of you baking muffins and giving them out :D
    That's definitely fuzzy feeling invoking!!
    And I think it goes without saying how adorable the little one is-I love that little lopsided smile in the last picture ^.^

  4. You are such a nice neighbor!!!

    I hope there aren't many more storms like this one...as much as I like snow and all, it's a lot to shovel! :)

  5. Oh my. We only got about 9 inches and it all melted. And no snow whatsoever in Vancouver (I hope there is some up at Whistler!).

  6. You got a lot of snow. Glad you took pictures to document it. Blueberry muffin sound great!


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