February 22, 2010

A Little Pick Me Up

At our local health food store on Saturday, I chatted with a woman in line who was a cancer survivor. She had the most positive attitude about life and her aura (yes, corny as it sounds) really rubbed off on me, at least for the afternoon. She was savoring the warm, freshly pressed (?) peanut butter that the Mennonite woman had made for her in the back of the store and telling me how she brings her own glass jar in every time she needs pb. They normally sell it in plastic tubs, but when she was being treated for cancer the doctor told her to immediately put all items in glass or plastic (BPA fears and stuff like that). That's when she started bringing jars for peanut butter, and the women had no problem filling it up. I liked how she was cradling that jar and smiling with the warmth of good, fresh peanut butter in her hands.

One other thing that she said that struck me was when she told the cashier that she was so pleased to finally have a real winter to enjoy. While I've been walking around with a gray storm cloud over my head, cursing our cold house and solitary confinement, I really should be more thankful about the fact that we've had snow, beautiful snow, on the ground for a while now. After all, I tend to try and recall what a cold snowy day feels like in the midst of a summer heat wave (truly, summer humidity is by far worse than winter).

On another note, I spruced up our front door recently. It was wearing a Christmas berry wreath, which of course is appropriate for winter, but I was getting tired of it. I found a roll of sheer fabric with a Queen Anne's lace-ish (or Cow Parsley, for that matter) pattern on it for $.99 in the Ikea "As-Is" department (LOVE that section of the store) so I tacked it up on the inside. Then I added the book wreath that I can never stop mentioning here, because I was bored of looking at it on my wall, and here you go.
I love the neutral colors and the simplicity of it. I also like how the light peeks through the silhouette of the flower. I imagine that people walking by at night are warmed by the image of that glowing Queen Anne's Lace. Sorry about the rambling post with lack of photos to get you through those chunks of text that I so detest.


  1. Your door looks nice!

    I LOVE the idea of bringing your own glass jars!

  2. I love the look of the wreath with that fabric.

    I think you painted the perfect picture of the woman you chatted with. What a good reminder of how precious the simplest {and sometimes unwelcome} things are.

  3. Your front door looks amazing!!! What a talented mama!
    I love running into people who are so positive, it really helps us reflect on our tudes:) Thanks for the reminder!!!

  4. I love the thoughts and ideas the lady share with you.

  5. I love your door. Especially your wreath. I'm having a hard time finding a wreath that I like. I might try the same thing with a square wreath form and pages from an old telephone book.

    Thanks for writing about the woman in the store. She's really has the right perspective at looking at things and it's a good reminder to take pleasure in the simple things. I'm also craving natural peanut butter for some reason...

  6. That is gorgeous! The wreath and the fabric and the door!

    LOVE IT!

  7. What an absolutely delightful post-It's not everyday that people just stop to enjoy the little things like a jar of peanut butter...

    My family is a glass jar family, too. We stay as far away from plastic as possible!!

    Your door is so beautiful-You are most definitely one crafty lady :D

  8. I SO wish I lived near an IKEA!!! Your door looks fabulous!


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