March 31, 2010

friend of the family

First let me say this is Mr. Geek's post--something he said I should write about. It started one day, one long, long day when I had had just about enough of being a mother by the time he walked through the door after work. We've been talking on and off how Sojo is obsessed with me, like most boys are with their mamas, and how I'm constantly in his radar, even when the Mister is around. Mom-meee!, Mom-mee!" he shouts, even when I'm just in the kitchen preparing dinner while he plays with his papa. " Just leave me alone for 5 mintues!" says the black cloud over my head.

It must be frustrating for dads when they are always the less-famous sidekick of the parenting duo. Or as Mr. Geek jokingly calls himself, just "a friend of the family."
Yeah, that expression says it all: Mommy, put down that camera and HOLD ME!

So what's a dad to do? Does this eventually even out, where as a 3 year old, S will cling to Daddy and spurn me? Or will this turn into a Norman Bates type of dysfunction? Seriously though, when does this obsession taper off?


  1. Well, if it makes him feel better, when my husband is around, my girls only have eyes for him...pair that with all of the girls hitting on him when we go out, I call myself the housekeeper, aka schleppy nanny!

  2. Sorry about that. I use to envy moms of boys because of that special bond. My eldest is obsessed with daddy! Then i had my youngest and she is crazy about me. So now I get that it is hard both ways. But if it changed I bet you would miss it:O)

  3. None of mine were ever obsessed with dad.

  4. Jasper alternates. Most of the time these days, he's shrieking "daddy do!" at me but he still wants mommy cuddles. Vexing.

  5. I hate to say it ladies, but I have to fight the tears now as mine drives away...

  6. The younger years may be your time, but daddy will get the little guy when he grows into those teenage years :)

    I seriously LOVE the picture though. LOL

  7. The pre-teen years are horrible, trust me, but believe me, they will ALWAYS be their mommy's little boys!
    And I'm with Royal Ranch, when they get old enough to leave home, you will be bawling your eyes out.

  8. I love that picture!!

    My kids are enamoured with their father - I am the afterthought in our house - I don't know if it is becuase I am endlessly behind the camera or my solution to being chosen second but....
    either's a tough pill to swallow:(


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