May 5, 2010

wordful wednesday: salad bowl and a cat

Our garden is progressing quite swimmingly, considering the pool-sized quantity of rain we got over the last few days. With clay soil (which we amended with sand and other things), it takes extra time to drain, so often we see pools of water flooding the plants. The pea plants (below) are looking great. They need to be staked on a trellis soon before they get too big.
I wish we had some more room because I'd love to plant some more things. That typically happens with first-time veggie gardeners--a desire to grow it all!
So far we've planted brussels sprouts, mizuna (Japanese mustard greens), tomatoes (a few varieties), radishes,
Swiss chard, spinach, mescalin salad greens, Japanese cucumbers, zucchini, and onions around the border to hopefully keep out pests.
I'm planning on adding a pepper plant or two and resowing lettuce once the current stock has gone to seed. I can't wait to incorporate all this into fresh salads this summer. There's nothing like picking fresh lettuce and tomatoes just minutes before making a salad. And lettuce is soooo easy to grow from seed. You should try it!

I's quite a happy garden, and I hope it continues to flourish, especially that we'll be gone for a week. Oscar the cat enjoys the outdoors too, lounging in the grass all day, moving from sun to shade to sun and back. He's such a sweet cat, and never wanders off.
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  1. your garden is looking great, you will have a good variety! Oscar looks pretty ready to dig in there too,lol!

  2. Your garden looks wonderful! I just started my first garden as well. Its so exciting :)

  3. Wow, it looks so mature already!! I'm glad the crazy weather hasn't hampered the growth. :)

  4. Your garden looks great! I have a couple little lettuces growing in a pot right now. They look so sad in there, I really need to try planting them soon!

  5. our garden is sprouting, too, but more exciting- it looks like our fruit trees are going to bear this year! there are tiny peaches, cherries, pears on the branches.

  6. I've always wanted to have a garden. Never been able to though because I don't have space or I kill it all. My parents have a HUGE one now so it's even better; all the fun without all the work! Good luck with your growing.

  7. Oh boy and I jealous of you and your beautiful garden! Not to mention your green thumb >.<
    Mine seems to be black when I try my hand at gardening. LOL


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