August 11, 2010

The Buckingham Hotel, NYC

Do you know how hard it is to find a great hotel at a good price in an unfamiliar city? A few years ago, I accompanied my husband to New York while he was in town for job training, and the hotel was so cramped and gross that I ended up leaving early.

Not the case with The Buckingham Hotel, where my roomie Naomi and I stayed for the BlogHer conference last weekend.
the view from our room
Literally for the entire trip she and I kept saying how incredible the hotel was. It's a boutique-type hotel, which meant it was small but quiet and elegant. It is conveniently located on 57th and 6th Avenue, very close to Central Park and the Museum of Modern Art. Plus there's a subway stop right at the corner, which made it easy for me to get from the Port Authority bus terminal to the hotel for my stay.

When I walked into our 1 bedroom suite, I nearly died. It had a HUGE living room
with comfy couches, a table, desk, cable TV and 3 windows,
and even a stereo.
There was also a kitchenette complete with fridge, microwave, coffee maker, sink, stove and dishes.
Quite a nice bonus for quick breakfasts and late night snacks.
The bedroom was spacious too, with 2 double beds that were really cushy and soft, and black-out blinds to keep it nice and dark for sleeping off the late-night parties.
The decor was simple, tasteful, and plainly modern, which suits me perfectly.
My one complaint would be the lack of alarm clocks in the room, especially by the bed. But I'm sure had we called down to the front desk, one would have been sent up. My cell phone worked fine for keeping me on schedule.
The closet was quite large too, even for two women with tons of clothing changes for the conference.
The bathroom was of a decent size, with a full tub and lovely old-fashioned subway tiles which fit the decor perfectly.
I like indulging in a long, hot shower, especially when my 2 year-old is not running about, and the Buckingham had plenty of hot water. I give them an A+ for water pressure.Naomi and I also got to enjoy The Penthouse during the Hallmark Christmas party (more to come on that later).
The views of Central Park and the Upper East Side from there were amazing, as was the patio itself. Though the shot of me could have been better.
The Penthouse had gorgeous leaded glass windows that I couldn't help snapping a photo of.
Before I end this review of the hotel, I must say that the staff was so friendly and helpful, especially upon arrival when I had luggage and was too early to check in. I felt welcomed and not-at-all a burden on the front desk, despite the busyness of people checking out and telephones ringing. Housekeeping was wonderful too, especially the day when they lined my shoes up against the wall!

Truly, this hotel was amazing, and I can absolutely say that this will be my go-to hotel in New York the next time I stay there. If you're looking for a safe, convenient and charming place to stay when you're in Manhattan, look no further than the Buckingham Hotel.
Disclosure: The Buckingham Hotel provided a one-bedroom suite for our entire stay in exchange for advertising the hotel on Katydid and Kid. All opinions are my own, and I was not required to write about the hotel.


  1. Ok seriously, what the freaking heck! I feel like I was living the life of a pauper compared to you in your luxury suite! Geez Louise.

    So, I'm now going to seriously keep up with you and your blog posts much better than I was doing before!

  2. Wow, what a NICE hotel!!

    What a great place for a get away! :)

  3. Nice place! But do tell... what was the cost for that beauty?


  4. Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!

    You picturing me throwing myself on the floor like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum... Cuz that is what I am doing!

    Or as Luke would say, "Ahhh Maaaannn!"

    If anyone deserved such a fabulous room it is you my friend. Naomi ain't so bad either :).

  5. Wow, that hotel does look amazing! How much was it for a night's stay? I really want to get to NY one of these days.

  6. I think the room was about $300 a night, though they were giving bloggers a studio room at $169. I was expecting one of the studios, but we got spoiled. Especially that the room was comp-ed in exchange for promoting the hotel.

  7. It looks like a top notch hotel.

  8. I did love that room right away. It felt like we were roomies in our first swanky college apartment.

  9. High five for the sweetest comp ever!


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