August 11, 2010

The Force is With Us

Despite SoJo's previous Darth Vader terrors, he's become quite enamored of my brothers' old Star Wars figures from the 70s and 80s.
Even that big Vader head case doesn't intimidate him anymore, though he was a bit worried about it when I showed it to him at my parents' house a few weeks ago.
Since then, he always asks to see it when he visits, so I thought it would be nice to invite the action figures to come live with us.

These things definitely bring back memories, coming from a brood of Star Wars junkies. They're such a part of my psyche from growing up in the 80s. I haven't shown the movies to S yet, since he's not really into movies. I took him to a free showing of Shrek recently and he was ready to leave about 10 minutes in. Same goes for A Bugs Life, which he didn't even sit down for 5 minutes to watch at home.

Growing up amongst 4 boys was sometimes heartbreaking, especially when they did this to my Leia.
Yep, the foot was either torn off in the battle of Endor or was melted off during one of the boys' burning phases. Don't ask me how they acquired matches in their youth. Blame the older neighbor boys.

There are a few duplicates in the collection, probably from birthday presents and times when one brother wanted the exact same thing as the other. But 2 Landos? I don't recall him being a favorite (cough, traitor! Turning over Han Solo).
I'm impressed that my mom saved some of the books too, one of which is a battered pop-up book that still has some working pages.
especially since she wasn't very good about keeping our artwork or filling out all 5 of our baby albums.

I'd love to know if there are any toys your parents saved that your kids now play with. What are you saving for your grandkids? I'm thinking of putting away a lot of the wooden toys, because they're just so timeless.


  1. My hubby has the EXACT same case, also from the 70's!

  2. Wow, that is QUITE the collection!!!

    My mom is saving my American Girl dolls for when the kids are older...I STILL love them!

  3. I used to play with Star Wars figures just like those with my brother when we were littler. This post sure brings back memories.

  4. Jasper got his first Build-a-Bear while we were away... it's in a Darth Vader costume. Seriously.


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